Hofniel is a really enigmatic angel. We know not much information about him. Also, there is a short number of sources that mention his name. If you were searching his name there are three important information that you find on the internet:

  • Hofniel rules over The Bene Elohim;
  • His name means “The Fighter Of God”;
  • He is an angel in Jewish lore.

Hofniel – The Fighter of GodHofniel – The Fighter of God

Hofniel’s name appears in The Zohar. There, he is mentioned as one of the ruling angels or princes of Heaven. He rules over the order of Bene Elohim. Although, there are sources that consider Azazel the chief of the same order. But the Zohar is not the only Jewish source that mentions him. He also appears in The Massekhet Azilut. Which is an anonymous kabalistic work. This source also mentions the angel as the ruler of Bene Elohim.

Is he holy or evil?

The response depends on your religion. If you are Christian, than you will find zero credible sources about this angelic being. The only sacred texts mentioning the angel are either Jewish or Kabalistic. Which makes this angel very appealing to those who practice the occult. Also, many of the Kabalstic angels are not holy. So, be aware!

Although it is not sure if Hofniel is holy or not, on the internet you will find many psychics, mediums, angelic messengers who consider him a holy one. And they encourage you to pray to him. You will also find prayers addressed to this angel. These prayers are designed to ask for the angel’s help. So he will fight in your behalf when you are too weak. But, in this situation, you might call upon Archangel Micheal directly. He is more powerful. And you will be more sure that you called upon a holy celestial being.

Also, don’t forget, that this angel is beloved by the occult. They have sigils, invocations and prayers addressed to him. Which makes this angel even more dangerous.

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