How Chakra Wand Opens Multiple Chakras at Once

Do you know
there are a wide variety of crystal shapes in the world? From crystal pyramid to heart shaped crystals, cabochons, tumbled stones, dowsing
and chakra wands, the
options are plenty. If you’re a crystal lover like me, you will find chakra
crystal wands easy to use and effective to work with.

In all my
past two decades of work with crystals, I have seen and used many chakra wands.
This post is how to select and use a chakra wand to make the most use of it.

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What is a Chakra Wand?

How chakra Wand Open Multiple Chakras at Once

chakra wands are wands that are layered with multiple crystals, one after
another, with respect to their chakra points. In the human body, there are 114 chakras, both major and minor. Chakra
wands are made corresponding to the primary Seven chakras. Read about chakra
wands in this post here.

How Chakra Crystal Wand Opens Multiple Chakras?

All the
seven major chakras in the human body will be opened when you work with a
chakra wand. Primary Chakras in the human body are-  

  • Crown Chakra: Located above your head
  • Third Eye Chakra: Located in between your brows
  • Throat Chakra: Located over your voice box
  • Heart Chakra: Located over your heart
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Chakra: Located in your stomach
  • Sacral Chakra: Located in your abdomen
  • Root Chakra: Located at the end of your spine

When you
work with a crystal chakra wand, it opens your major chakras one after another.
You can initiate the opening by touching each of the chakras manually using
your crystal chakra wand.

What does this mean?

  • When your crown chakra is opened, you will be intuitive.
  • When your third eye chakra is opened, you will see into the future.
  • When your throat chakra is open, you will communicate better.
  • When your heart chakra is open, you will find love all around you.
  • When your solar plexus chakra is
    , you will find health.
  • When your sacral chakra is open, you will be energetic and passionate.
  • When your root chakra is open, you will be balanced and stable.  

How To Use Chakra Crystal Wand To Open All Your Chakra Points?

There are
two ways to use chakra crystal wand to open multiple chakras at once.

The first
method is to Touch the Chakra
Wand on your Chakra Points.
What does this mean? You have to gently touch
the chakra wand starting from your root chakra to the crown chakra. If you’re
confused about the location of any chakra point, leave us a message below. You
can also amplify a crystal cluster by touching your chakra wand on it.

The second method to use a chakra wand is by Focussing the Crystal Chakra Wand on your
This is where you don’t have to touch the chakra point manually
with the wand. All you have to do is point at it. The universe will do the


Chakra crystal wand is a carefully constructed crystal by
combining multiple chakra energy crystals into one wand. You might also see
crystal wand for chakra training embedded with crystals in bezel setting. Chakra
wand is a powerful healing crystal every gemstone lover should have!

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