How I Became An Intuitive Healer!

How I Became An Intuitive Healer!


Let’s talk about healing abilities.

You might think that being an intuitive healer came naturally to me – that somehow I have a gift that others don’t or that was there from birth – but not so. In fact, I spent many years feeling frustrated and blocked, knowing deep down that something was missing, feeling desperately that I just wanted to help people and that I ‘should’ be able to perform healing with ease, but it just wasn’t there (if this sounds like you, learn how to become a healer in our FREE masterclass here!)

It wasn’t until I discovered an energy healing technique that everything changed. I’d been ill for almost 3 years with the debilitating illness ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was eternally exhausted and burnt out, fainting daily and using a wheelchair most days because I simply couldn’t walk more than a few steps. I’d tried EVERYTHING western medicine could possibly offer and nothing even made the slightest change. One day, I saw a book on an energy healing technique that sounded really cool. I read the book and began using the technique right away (EFT tapping) and within only 4 months I was well enough to return to work, hang out with friends and even go to the gym again – it felt like a miracle and I was totally HOOKED!

Almost immediately, I signed up to be professionally trained as a practitioner. I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to help people and I loved this amazing energy healing technique and I knew that my whole life had been set on the wrong path – I was meant to be a healer and I vowed to start my own practice and have a truly fulfilling career.

But… it didn’t quite go that way. Weird things were happening. Things kept going wrong. Obstacles and blocks were getting in my way in the form or unexpected bills, car trouble, unexplained ailments and extreme difficulty in getting any clients at all. When I did, they were rude, skeptical or unwilling to pay for my services. I thought this was my purpose – what’s going on?!

Fortunately, my energy healing training helped me to see that something else was at play. After a bit of digging, I realised that I was subconsciously TERRIFIED of being a healer. I was afraid of the judgement, the skepticism and the possibility of rejection so much that I was attracting problems to mess it all up – to protect myself. If I couldn’t be a healer, I couldn’t get hurt (or so my soul thought). I spent time clearing the past life trauma and the fears of being a healer again and things began to change.

Fast track to today, and I’m an intuitive healer running a spiritual awakening website and fulfilling my purpose. All those fears (even the ones I wasn’t aware of) didn’t stop me from getting to where I needed to be. All of the blocks were able to be cleared with energy healing so that I could move on with my life and enjoy the healing work that I do. Don’t let negative energy stop you from being who you truly are. Be the healer you were meant to be and channel that energy into helping others, caring for the environment, working with plants or animals, cooking, communicating – whatever the spark is for you. Clear the blocks and align with the truest version of who you really are!

I’m sharing how in our FREE masterclass below!


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