How I Connect to My Spirit Guides (and you can too!)

How I Connect to My Spirit Guides (and you can too!)


Let’s talk about connecting to your spirit guides.

After YEARS of desperately trying different spiritual techniques and practices in the hope of connecting with my spirit guides, I really was giving up hope. I’d even gone to psychic development groups and practiced extensively, but no matter how hard I tried, it seemed that I either got very vague and easily doubtable experiences, or worse, none at all.

It wasn’t until I hit a serious dark night of the soul that the lines of communication opened. With tears of hopelessness streaming down my face, I begged my guides that if they existed, please, please, please could they help me. And honestly, surprisingly, they INSTANTLY came to my aid with words of comfort, encouragement and support in a way that was so clear that there was no doubt in my mind. It caught me completely off guard at a time in my life when I was really questioning my faith. It opened lines of communication that still exist to this day, and is a greatly valued source of spiritual mentorship in my life.

I realised then that it wasn’t about ‘practicing’ or trying different techniques or having any particular ‘gift’ – it was just about ASKING – and asking in the right way.

The process can be so frustrating – mainly because we just don’t know HOW. Maybe you’ve tried specific meditations or practices before that either didn’t work or left you feeling unsure if you’d done it right (if this is YOUR experience – don’t worry, in our FREE masterclass here, we’ll show you how!)

Sharing the information and guidance in our masterclass is really important to me because being able to communicate with your spirit guide is a real wonder – it will enlighten answers to your questions, provide guidance and spiritual support in your daily life – it really is AMAZING and an aspect of awakening that I don’t want you to miss. Come along and watch the masterclass and I’ll show you how!


Ready to get started on connecting to your spirit guides right now? Then check out our brand new energy healing meditation, ‘The Spirit Guide Connection’. It will help you to meet your spirit guides, clear your spiritual communication channels to receive their higher guidance & messages in your daily life – we can get started in around 10 minutes time!

You can check it out here.


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