How I Cycle Energy Through Before Energy Work

I’ll share here how I connect and cycle energies through before I meditate or do any energy work. I also do this while I’m walking in nature or wherever I’m at as I feel guided to do so.

First I start at the heart chakra and send energy down through the lower chakras and out the bottom of the feet into the ground. From there I’ll imagine tree roots of light going out in various directions and connecting to the Earth/Gaia. At the same time I imagine a big root going straight down into the crystal core/heart of Gaia. I really try to feel the energy when I connect to this core and connect to Gaia when I do. Then I bring the energy back up that big root and into the souls of the feet and up through the legs again and up all of the chakras, but when going through the heart chakra I put intent to keep continuing the energy through up and through the top of my crown chakra (top of head). I continue to go up through the 4-5 chakras above the crown chakra and imagine a big branch or beam of energy that goes all the way up and connects to the sun. Repeat similar process with Gaia but with Sol our sun. Feel the energy and connect to Sol then bring the energy back down and cycle it through the body. During both processes of bringing the energy up from Gaia and down from Sol you can put intent the energy expands out through the auric field and lights it up.

Once the energy is cycling through the body I also put intent that the energy goes through the kundalini tube (a tube where the spine is works for visualization). And when that energy reaches the top of that tube just put intent it connects back to Source.

From this point I will come back to my heart space/heart chakra. I will put intent to start deep within my heart space and expand the energy all the way out in all directions around me until it fills my auric field.

At that point I will add some energetic layers or visualize some sort of geometric shape of pure light around the outside of my auric field. I will usually play around with spinning my merkaba too.

This whole process takes a big to get down initially, but I can do this process in about 10-20 seconds now if I need to. But if I want to connect more deeply it won’t take more than a minute or two.

Recently after I do the method for connecting below to Gaia and I am ready to connect up, I have been going into my soul star chakra and bringing energy back down from that chakra instead of the sun.

Other times I like to just use one giant pillar of light that surrounds my entire being, including my aura and goes down and up at the same time. So I’m just in a huge pillar of light that goes all the way down to the core of the earth and the core of the sun. That one is a big easier and faster too.

After I do all that I move into doing energy clearing work, healing, meditate, channeling, or whatever else I want to do next.

Love & Light


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