How Raising Your Vibration Can Cause Spiritual Flu

by Conscious Reminder

While increasing the frequency of your vibrational symptoms, you will come across signs that will help you chart your progress. This is because the energy level’s the most vital part of your body, and is intrinsic to your mental health.

The energy that flows through our Chakras obviously has a massive impact on the way we live. Yet, it is ironical that we don’t really understand the symptoms that get through. If we get to know the symptoms, life would become really easy, and we would be slapping our heads wondering how we could miss that before!

Physical Symptoms

This usually brings into account wild symptoms with no precursors. The symptoms usually are spiritual flu, pains, and aches. If it concerns you, you could simply consult a doctor. Although, it usually is nothing serious.

Be sure that it’s a vibrational symptom and not something mundane. Headache is a pretty common symptom that could also involve sinus. You could also be suffering from an eating disorder or hay fever. If you experience loss of appetite, you should investigate the cause.

Mental Symptoms

While one’s mental changes would mostly be positive, you might have to traverse some hard challenges along the way. You are still in that competitive zone but you don’t view life as a do- or- die situation.

You have realized that when someone else is winning, it doesn’t make you jealous of them anymore. Instead, you would be assisting them in their task. You have stopped judging people because you see with your own eyes the lives people lead, and how it affects every part of them.

Since you have no idea the lives they lead, there is no way you should be judging them. You can also get empathetic, which could bode a problem. For, you would be beset with the worries of other people, thereby missing out on working for your own self.

You will see that you are more empathetic towards people, and living things in general. You are more in tune with nature, and that could very well be because of your return back to the roots. You would also become more observant- the ability to see through people’s deceits and lies.

If people have been lying to you throughout, or simply making a mockery out of you, you would know. Not just that, they would stop. Probably the Universe is going to create a shift in the way they behave, or they would simply take a U-turn out of your life.

You won’t be in your usual erratic mood when you see everyday troubles on your way. For, your focus will always be on the bigger picture.

Spiritual Symptoms

It is perhaps the most important of all the raised vibrations, and also the most subtle. You wouldn’t really get to know it unless you are extremely observant. Here, meditation plays a greater role in helping us identify the changes that come through.

Also, you would be feeling much relieved, for the haze over your head would diminish. The powers of intuition will also increase, and you would be able to take care of precarious situations. You will also find an interest in several spheres of the psyche.

Next, you would find yourself manifesting reality. Akin to solipsism, you would be able to manifest your own truth. Death would turn into another journey, as you would get that eternal peace that will help you understand that life and death are just part of the journey that our soul and spirit go through on this physical realm.

Let us know in the comments if you have experienced any of these symptoms. Stay alert and stay happy.

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