How Tantric Numerology Guides You To Your Purpose

Tantric Numerology questions answered by Enza Deluca

What is tantric numerology?

Tantric Numerology is a style of Numerology brought to the west by the master of Kundalini Yoga and the Mahan Tantric -Yogi Bhajan, who taught Tantric Numerology as a tool to align with your higher self.  The teachings are based on ancient yogic and tantric teachings. The Tantric Numerology system is simple and accurate. Yogic Numerology is interpreted using the numbers 1 – 11, the numbers 1-10 correspond to one of our 10 etheric bodies and 11 is the embodiment of all 10 etheric bodies or the place of mastery. The numbers 1 – 8 also correspond with our chakra system, in Kundalini Yoga the aura is known as the 8th chakra. Each number holds an energy vibration or archetypal quality so by understanding the qualities of each number you gain understanding of the world around you.

How does it work?

The first basic calculation in Tantric Numerology is to work out your personal numbersfrom your date of birth, however there are many more calculations based on the year we are in and how it relates to your own life cycles. These 5 basic numbers give you a map describing your relationship with self, others, and destiny. They are:

The Soul number is the core of your identity.

The Karma number which explains the challenge your Soul came to experience in this lifetime.

The Gift number describes the talent you were born with.

The Destiny number indicates the traits you have worked on for many lifetimes and mastered. This is a description of how other people see you.

The Path number gives you guidance on how to live a fulfilled life by understanding who you are and why you are here on this planet at this time.

By knowing your numbers you can assess if you are living to your full potential and by working with the chakra and etheric body and what your numbers represent, you can better utilise your unique qualities.

What will I get out of knowing what my numbers mean?

The system is used as a guide to help you understand your own true nature, the people you’re close to and the world around you and it’s natural cycles. By developing an understanding of the qualities of each number you a relationship with yourself through your personal numbers and by practicing yoga and meditation chosen to balance your 10 etheric bodies and 8 chakras you will learn what your strengths and weaknesses are and with this knowledge you’ll be able to cope better with life’s challenges.

How do I intemperate them?

Firstly learn what your Soul number and if you feel you aren’t living up to the full potential of this number you can choose to do yoga to strengthen that chakra or etheric body or you can choose to work into your Karma Number. Usually if you don’t feel connected to your Soul number, it’s the chakra or etheric body related to your Karma Number that needs fine tuning. Your Path Number is your tool for transformation so working into this chakra or etheric body will also help your feel stronger. By studying your Gift Number you’ll understand if you are utilising your natural talent to it’s full potential. And finally by knowing your Destiny Number you receive insight into how others see you, which can be a real surprise.

How does it differ from astrology and zodiac signs?

I think that Tantric Numerology is similar and complementary to astrology, both systems help you to understand yourself, others and the greater environment by using archetypes. Archetypes are simply typical examples of a certain person or thing that we use as a point of reference, you could say that each archetype vibrates with a unique energetic signature. In this way Tantric Numerology believes that each number has certain qualities of energetic vibration.

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