How The Energy Centers Of Your Body Affect Your Health & The Way You Live

by Conscious Reminder

The Hindu philosophy from ancient times says that there are seven energetic centers in the body of human beings that control their physical and mental health.

These energy centers control many things such as love, self-esteem, communication, or instincts as well.

As Hinduism claims, these energy centers are chakras which are present down the length of the spine, which represents the most significant part of the brain of humans, after their brain.

The chakras always rotate, and they have individual colors and different speed of rotation. So, people’s health will always depend on the size and brightness of the chakras.

When the motions of these chakras are balanced in some people, then they are believed to be harmonious with the inner health, saying that it is well. However, imbalances may bring numerous problems, such as severe depression and fatigue.

Human beings have seven chakras in their body, which are the following:

Root Chakra

In fact, this chakra is placed at the spine’s base, close to the tailbone. This is a chakra which is a connection with the ground. Because of this, it will offer you stability, and it will control your instinct for survival. It will keep you grounded. However, when it gets blocked in some way, you might get insecure or anxious. Several physical issues such as anorexia or knee issues may take place as well.

Belly Chakra

The belly chakra is placed about two inches right below the navel point. This chakra controls your necessity to express yourself creatively or express your necessity to value yourself. Also, it manages your sexuality and intuition. In order to maintain a proper personal and social life, the Belly chakra will have to be balanced. You can also ruin your own relationships with someone you love as a partner, or with friends and family.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus chakra is placed two inches beneath the breastbone. It will control your strength, passion, impulse, and ego. Physical developments also take place in the Solar Plexus area. When this chakra is imbalanced, it can cause depression and confusion. Also, it may cause some physical problems such as nerve-related issues, allergies or diabetes as well.

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra sits between the shoulder blades. So, it is the house of spirituality, love, and compassion. It connects your mind, body, and spirit; hence, when it is properly balanced, you can become kind and empathetic. When this chakra is imbalanced, it can cause hesitation and indecisiveness, particularly when connected to leaving someone or something. Some physical problems may also happen, such as breathing troubles, heart attack, or insomnia.

Throat Chakra

In fact, this is the chakra that lies somewhere at your lower neck, right where your collarbones form the letter V. As it is close to the throat, it will help you in speech, and also in written or verbal communication. When it is excellently balanced, you may be good in the field of music, as you will be able to express yourself really good. When imbalanced, this chakra will make you shy, and feel fragile and inexpressive. The physical manifestations would be inflammation, ear infections, and pain in the back.

Third-Eye Chakra

This chakra is placed centrally to the forehead, and it is a really powerful one. Its connection is with improved physical abilities, high intuition levels, and light energy. When using this chakra correctly, your intuition will be at the highest level, but when imbalanced, it can make you afraid of success, and non-assertive.

Crown chakra

The crown chakra is placed at your skull’s top. It is the source of enlightenment and knowledge, and it controls the spiritual side of you. When it is balanced, you will have the ability to accept some knowledge really easily, and then transmit it. But, an imbalanced Crown chakra will lead to having destructive thoughts that can manifest physically in migraine or depression.

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