How to Add Videos to Your Blog Posts in the Higher Self Portal website

Step One – Add a title:

Step Two – Copy your video link on YouTube and paste it into the body section (while you are in text view)

Step Three – Down at the bottom of the right sidebar, click on “Set featured image”

Step Four – You can either drag and drop your image into the area with all the pictures, or you can find the tab that says “upload files” and use that to find the image on your computer you wish to use. This is important – you must use a featured image because that will become the thumbnail for the article. You can add details and tags to the image, but that is not necessary at all. When you have selected your image, hit the blue “set featured image” button at the bottom.

Step Five – You can choose a category for your post. Find the “Categories” box on the right sidebar. The default is “Blogs”, but if you are just linking a video and you don’t have an article that goes along with it, then you can uncheck the box next to “Blogs” and instead, check the box called “Videos”. They will appear for a short time on the front page of the HSP website. In addition, you can choose one or two more categories that best fit your content. For this example, I will choose “Videos” and “Spirit Guides”. Please don’t click the “add new category” link below the boxes or it will screw things up.

That is really all you need to do – everything else in the blog creation area is just noise and unnecessary garbage. If you want to write an article instead of linking a video (you can do both in the same post, really) Then just start typing away in the body area. You can view your work as plain text or you can see how it will look by toggling between the two tabs called “Visual” and “Text”.

You can find your URL, your link to your article, just below the title that you used for your article, which is called the “Permalink”:

Step Six – After everything looks good, you can hit the “Publish” button in the right hand sidebar in the section called “Publish”. No need to do anything else – you are done.

Title + Link + Picture = Done

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