How To Discover Past Lives

Sharing some various ways you can discover past lives. This info has been out there but still felt I was meant to share at this time. Now I say past lives, but that is really a way to make it easier to understand at this current level of existence. We each exist outside of time.

The way I like to look at it is to imagine a piece of paper with a dotted horizontal line going across. You can say you are in the middle and the middle dot. Each dot represents a life. The ones on the left are past and the ones on the right are future. Well now just scrap that linear way of looking at it and imagine dots are just all over the paper. The dots all over the paper to me represent that all of our existences are there at the same time.

Even knowing that, I still like to refer to the lives as Past Lives, it’s just easier to understand that way so I’ll continue to use that terminology.

Why Should We Care About Past Lives? 

Our past lives contain traumas, lessons, gifts, abilities, and wisdom in them. We have all been very dark polarity beings and very light polarity beings in other lifetimes. Many of us go through periods during this consciousness shift of the planet where these past life traumas come back and do affect us in our current lifetime. These can start at an early age even and could have been holding us back through many phases of our lives.

When we are able to go back into these lives and heal them, it then heals us NOW too. I have had to heal MANY past lives over the last 3 years. Each time one of them was healed, it was like a weight was lifted off of me, one that I was carrying around this entire lifetime. There were things I was holding onto as a soul that when they happened I held myself so responsible and so guilty that it was embedded into me to never forgive myself for what I did. There were so many of these that I discovered that still held negative programming within my subconscious and at a soul level. Some through various energy systems like the chakras and even in the DNA. But again all can be healed and when we go back to these and heal them from the Source within us, we start to feel much better.

Past lives can also be a treasure trove for us to bring back POSITIVE aspects of ourselves, knowledge, wisdom, and skills/abilities. If you were a famous musician in a past life, you could pull from that and practicing in this life would make that much easier. I was a violin player in one lifetime and plan to pick that up again at some point this life and it will come back to me much easier. I’ve been a healer the most of anything else in my life times, so when I got back into it in this life it all clicked in right away. I had already done the work in so many other lifetimes it was simply available to me. Many of us are pulling from our ancient wisdom from previous times into this NOW for the planet.

The other reason I have explored my other lifetimes is simply because I find it fun and entertaining. But clearing all the past stuff helps us get to a place that we can be in present time NOW embodiment and that embodiment is where the magic happens.

I’ll share some different ways to recognize past lives and methods to discover them with intentional effort below. In each I will also share some of my experiences with them, if I have had some with the particular method.

Health Issues 

Past lives can be one of the reasons that someone may experience health issues. This can be physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual in nature. This could even manifest as a dis-ease. It could also explain something more simple like a part in the body hurting like knees, back, shoulders, etc. If there’s been something like that, that has been unexplainable or nothing you have tried worked… then it’s worth exploring to see if it could be past life related.

The first time in this incarnation I had this come up for me was when I was about 3-4 years old. I didn’t figure this out until the last year or two when I was working back through childhood traumas in order to clear that timeline out for me and help bring out more of my inner child. But what I discovered was at the time of 3-4 years old, three VERY traumatic past lives all came up at once for me. All three dealt with starvation. One was a life I was trying to attain enlightenment by fasting and I took it too far. By the time I came out of my trance or realized I needed to eat again it was too late and my body was too far gone. So I basically had killed myself trying to attain enlightenment. The second one was a starvation/thirst death life a long time ago. In that life I was pulling back into the planet and consciousness the Lemurian energies to make them available again. The “dark” polarity control beings at the time became aware of what I was doing and arranged it so I was unable to get food or water and died that way. The third life that came up was a time back in those times when the crusades over religion and all that stuff was happening. In the medieval times. I was resisting all of that and was opposing it which lead to me being tortured to death about as much as anyone could be. I was stretched, prodded, starved, dehydrated, poked, and had things stuck up in every orifice. I died from torture.

Now that’s a lot to throw on a 3-4 year old. How that manifested for me was that I became extremely constipated. I could not LET GO of the trauma of these lives that surfaced as I wasn’t equipped for it. Because I could not let go of it or deal with it, it became a big problem. I wouldn’t go to the bathroom at all. I was in and out of hospitals and going to doctors etc. Everytime I would need to go to the bathroom it was extremely painful as it was nearly impossible to let go. My mother fortunately has always been in tune with spirit and was able to help figure some of that out and help me clear enough of it energetically in conjunction with other methods that I was able to make it through. But at the time it was such a traumatic and painful experience a big piece of my soul left and went off somewhere else. That part of my soul returned to me in 2016 when I had a powerful awakening experience. But for most of my life I was missing that piece of my soul that left and I remember many times over the years I would close my eyes and reach out with my hand, trying to call pieces of me back that I knew were missing. I felt so incomplete, like I was just a tiny piece of what I should be.

And so many health issues and dis-eases have sources rooted there that are spiritual, mental, or emotional in nature. Often times you figure out where the trapped emotions are and release those and the dis-ease just goes away. Other times it could be a past life and other things going on.


I want to include both dreams and Lucid Dreaming here. Dreams can show us so many things and are great teachers, but they can also show us past lives. Many people discover past lives through dreams. You remember the dream when you wake up and just intuitively know it was from a past life.

With Lucid Dreaming, you can practice and really be involved in those dreams. In a lucid dream once you get that down you could ask “take me to a past life” or show me my lives in Ancient Egypt and you can go there. Dreaming and Lucid Dreaming is all connected to your soul and soul information. So it makes sense that other existences could present themselves to you in dreams.

The main book on Lucid Dreaming is Exploring The World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge. There is also a Reddit for Lucid Dreaming, plenty of information online for free just searching in Google and through YouTube. People have various courses out you can try too.

The first past life dream I had was when I was a teenager. I remember having a repetitive dream of me being stabbed in the heart with a cold blade. I recognized this at the time as a past life, just through intuition. I didn’t have any past life material present itself to me, but that was the first time I remembered about reincarnation. This was probably between about 13-15 years old for me. I want to say that the dream involved myself and a lover running away from a certain group in more of an ancient civilization. I remember that we both went to bed together out in the woods or something like that. Then the next thing was feeling the cold blade go through my heart. And in the dreams it was very real to me, like I could feel that blade in my heart again.

It’s not uncommon that when soulmates and friends/family from other lifetimes reconnect again in this life that they start to have dreams that bring back those lifetimes, memories, and interactions.

The Akashic Records 

From Wikipedia: Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. They are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the etheric plane.

I agree that the Akashic Records is a dimensional space that is like a library that contains all the knowledge of existence including everything about each life everyone has lived. There are ways to go to that space and access the records there. We each carry OUR OWN copy of our Akashic Records (Akashic Book) with us. This is with us at all times on a soul level. So you can access your own by going within, instead of visiting the Akashic Records library/dimensional space.

I viewed the main Akashic Records space as a library that had these librarians and helpers there to assist people that go there. They are also there to protect the information and make sure that you do not access or share someone else’s records without their permission first.

To view my own copy, I go into my heart space (inner world) and in that inner space see my own library and then I state my intentions or reasons for being there. If it’s to discover a past life you can ask about a specific one like “What was my life in ancient egypt like?” or you could say “What is the life I need to clear now?” or you could go “What life has abilities and knowledge I can reintegrate now?”

After asking the question I just sort of see a book fly off the shelf and appear in front of me. Now I haven’t had clairvoyance enough to read and see lots of detail but I am able to feel and know my way through it enough to use my visualization and imagination to fill in the pieces. So if I’m clearing a life I see the book come to me and can just put my hands on it and send healing energy into it. The violet flame is pretty good for past lives to help transmute that old stuff. Then you can confirm it was cleared a number of ways. If you aren’t at a point that your intuitive abilities have developed enough, then you can still do this through intention and visualization alone and then confirm with muscle testing or a pendulum.

For integrating a life or abilities from a life I like to see the book fly out in front of me, then I put my hands on the book. Sometimes I just visualize turning each page and putting a hand on every page of the book. While doing this the intent is to re-absorb the abilities and knowledge from that life. Again this could be done with hardly any intuitive abilities at all and you can just confirm with a pendulum and muscle testing going through it.

I have also had a lot of luck with clearing out old soul contracts and agreements in that records space. Ask that all soul contracts that are no longer serving your highest good appear before you. You can visualize or put intent they fly off the shelves and all come to you. Often times these can present themselves as a stack of papers or single sheets flowing around you. Then you have to put your intent with what to do next. Say that you wish to end all the old agreements and you can use a flame to burn them up. Ask your higher self and/or guides to take the ashes away. Throughout all of these processes I always ask higher self and guides to assist and they do. Even if you can’t see or get what they are doing to assist, know they very much are with you there.

You can also get others that are further along to help out. I did a few Akashic Record Readings over the phone with someone over the years. The first one I did in Dec of 2016 was when I awakened. During the Records Reading my soul family/star family came in and helped me clear a blockage from childhood. Upon clearing that blockage and forgiving myself for it, that is when the huge amount of energy started pouring into my body which was a combination of a kundalini awakening plus a chunk of my soul returning (as mentioned above). I was vibrating like crazy for about a month straight after that.

There are healers and readers that offer akashic records readings online too. They can access the records and channel/relay the information that comes in from there for you. I’ve even found some fantastic people on Etsy that have given some amazing readings over the years.

Now there are also plenty of books on the Akashic Records too. The ones by Linda Howell contain various methods that allow anyone to access the records. In them she has a specific prayer and various methods to use. So you can try that method to use for yourself or to help others if you are at that point.

YouTube is always a fantastic resource too. There are guided Akashic Records meditations on YouTube that have various methods of guiding you into the records and exploring a life or whatever you are wanting to do. So that’s a great free way to start on your own whenever you want to.

Overall the Akashic Records has helped me explore a lot of my other lifetimes. And they aren’t just for past lives. You can ask any question you want in the akashic records and get an answer. Ask your questions about life, death, existence, the universe, this world, and whatever else is on your mind. Many times I’ve received fantastic guidance by asking the question to the records “What does the records recommend I work on at this time to further advance?” or similar questions. I have always gotten very helpful information.

Past Life Soul Regressions, Past Life Readings, QHHT, & BQH 

Including a lot of these in one. The first one is past life soul regression sessions. These are sessions where someone guides you into a hypnosis like trance and then guides you into a past life to re-experience and explore. I had done one of these a while back (it was before my awakening in 2016). I didn’t feel like it was very effective at the time, but I do remember being guided into a hallway with lots of doors and going back to like this native american lifetime. But I really doubted it while I was imagining it through the guidance, so I wasn’t sure about it at the time. The soul regressions can be very helpful and work really well for some people though.

Overall it seemed like those soul regressions evolved into QHHT & BQH.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) developed by Dolores Cannon has been pretty popular over the recent years. Specifically a lot of the ones that Allison Coe has shared publicly on YouTube. She reads the transcripts of the sessions people have, so there is plenty of information online about sessions and what QHHT is.

Beyond Quantum Healing is another one that seemed to evolve from past life soul regressions. You can explore that more as there’s plenty of info online and see if it calls to you.

Past life readings are readings that people offer that will specifically go into one past life. You can find many of these online. A bunch on Etsy too that you can explore and try some out.

Astral Projection / Remote Viewing 

Astral projection is where you can relax the body enough to be able to detach your energetic traveling body. You will often see yourself laying or sitting where you are and attached via a silver cord. Then you can travel around and explore. You can even teleport to certain places and travel to both the past and the future. So you could certainly set your intentions to explore other lifetimes when you astral project. This is another one I am not going to go too much into because there is just so much available about it already. There’s plenty of guides, techniques, and so on to help you with this. YouTube has guided meditations to help you achieve.

Remote Viewing is just where you can view something remotely and pick up various details about it. Sometimes information can be sensed, seen, felt, heard, smelt, or come as a knowing. Remote viewing in my experience does generally take some 3rd eye development, but with enough practice just about anyone can do it. There’s a lot of information on this online too (the CIA literally has a guide of how to do remote viewing on their official website too… from 1986!). So the next time someone is doubting that the government and has utilized esoteric spiritual information and abilities, including remote viewing for all sorts of purposes, then ask them to explain why this is on their website:

You can remote view your past lives, so both astral projection and remote viewing are 2 other methods you can use.


Meditation can mean many forms. This can be yoga, tai chi, qi gong, breathing techniques, going on nature walks, or more of the traditional sitting and going within.

Ask your higher self and your guides to help you remember a past life or to show you one in meditation. Set your intent that is what you want and then go from there. It may just spontaneously happen too. Sometimes it’s not necessarily a past life that presents itself to me in my meditation but a past life aspect. So one of my Native American types of tribe lives/forms has come to me in meditation and helped me. I have traveled back to Atlantis and talked with my Atlantian Priest self sitting in a crystal temple there a few times. And a couple times I’ve called in my Wizard Higher Self aspect but then some other aspect shows up instead. So then I work with that aspect or reintegrate it.

But overall meditation can accomplish this just by itself and there are plenty of guided meditations available online and YouTube as well.

Plant Medicines / Psychedelics 

There are quite a bit of planet medicines and psychedelics out there now. I don’t really feel I need to list them all, as so much is available online already. The ones I’ve done over my life are Mushrooms (only once a long time ago), Salvia, Ayahuasca, & Marijuana. I have a strong interest to explore others like LSD, DMT, Peyote/San Pedro, 5-MeO-DMT, Iboga, and yopo. I’ll probably run into a couple of those in the future and see what happens.

There are also other legal and natural things like mugwort and other herbs that can help. So you could explore some other herbs and plant medicines like that, that could open up your senses enough in a meditation to explore a past life.

During my Ayahuasca ceremonies I had visited other lifetimes too. It’s pretty common during Ayahuasca experiences and other psychedelics to go into other dimensions and visit other lifetimes.

After my Ayahuasca ceremonies in May of this year I ended up smoking a little cannabis the week after. I was standing up, might have been listening to music when I just started visualizing myself jumping off a cliff and turning into a dragon. I then shapeshifted into a dragon and flew a bit and then all the sudden it was like I was inside a red dragon, very powerful, very ancient, and was receiving so much energy and information. It was a very powerful and unforgettable experience.

If you are already smoking cannabis, then try to start meditating on it and ask the spirit of the plant to help you explore a past life. Shift things so you are working with the plant as a teacher and helper. I connected that way with Ayahuasca, to the spirit of the medicine and did very well with connecting. After those experiences I was kicking myself and asking “Why have I not been doing this with all plant medicines and cannabis?” Intention makes such a big difference with plant medicines, psychedelics, and most things with our lives.

Recognizing Past Lives & Past Life Connections

Now this is a very important tidbit, especially if the information for your lifetimes is coming through other people. I highly recommend that you sit with the information and tune into it and see how you feel. Often times there can be tingling or some sort of intuitive knowing to verify that it was you in a past life. You can ask for a sign to verify as well and then keep your awareness up for when it presents itself. You can also use muscle testing or a pendulum to confirm on your own. I have had ones that did not resonate for me and I just let those ones go. That wasn’t often as I always have found great people to connect to at the appropriate times, but it can happen. So definitely sit with the information and figure out a way to tune into it.

For me I can give an example of confirmations of a past life I recently found out about. Through the Akashic Records I found out I was Thomas Cole in a past life, an American painter in the 19th century.

I found out about this life by asking the akashic records this question: “I know in other lifetimes I’ve been really great at drawing and want to channel/pull that ability to draw again in this lifetime. The other day I felt like an Arcturian higher self aspect of mine came in and was helping me with this. But I want to ask the question: What aspect of myself or specific past life should I tune into to channel/pull my drawing abilities back in the quickest?”

The answer was that I was Thomas Cole in the 19th century. When I visited the Wikipedia page everything started resonating really hard for me. I was feeling the connection. When visiting the page I saw the numbers 1818 and for weeks had been seeing the numbers 818 pop up everywhere. This was an additional confirmation for me. Reading about how Thomas Cole was self taught, this is how I’ve mostly learned a lot of skills in my past lives. I would sometimes learn the basics, other times would just study and teach myself. Then would find my “cave” in each life and devote lots of time and energy into it. In most of my lives I did not just do one thing, but always am developing many skills and interests. So that resonated and matched up with other lifetimes. When I started going through some of the sketchbooks and paintings online I was connecting into each of them. And one of the sketchbooks had pencil drawings of me learning how to draw trees. Within the last two weeks before finding out that information I was getting heavily to start learning how to draw trees and I was sketching some out as the basics that resembled the sketches that I was looking at. On top of that… I went into a meditation and connected to that aspect of myself. I saw my aspect Thomas Cole and started having a conversation with him. He told me that he is me and I am him, we are one. He said he would help me pull back in my drawing and art skills, I just simply had to practice. So my intent to discover a past life with art and drawing abilities and start pulling that back was a smooth success. I have done a lot of geometric type of light language drawings up till now, but am shifting that focus to be able to draw more and bring that in. That way I can start sharing some of the experiences I have in meditations and beings and aspects I meet into this dimensional space via art.

Other times it’s much more subtle than that and often times we don’t have wikipedia pages for our lives. I can generally recognize soulmates, soul family, and past life connections with other people in this lifetime pretty quickly. It comes as a feeling and knowing for me. I will feel the energy buzz in my body when I see their posts, meet them in person, look at a picture of them or talk to them. Someone on my facebook that was recently added I just had a knowing that she was a little sister of mine in a past life and also was carrying around that Isis Priestess energy, the priestesses that were taught by Isis or ones she fragmented herself into (I still don’t understand a lot of how that works, but I’ve noticed Isis in particular seems to have her energy running through a ton of incarnated people right now and she keeps linking me up with them lol).

And it could even be more subtle than that and come later. It could just be a sense that you feel connected to someone and vibe well with them. Or that you have simply known them before and there’s an energetic recognition.


As per usual, I thought I was writing a quick 1-2 page post with just the basic ideas others could research and it turned into 9 pages haha. But I do agree we are all supposed to be sharing our experiences with other as these will help others!

I hope that this can help guide you to explore more of your own remembrance. Of course, you could just accept that you are Source and we are all one and just not give any of your attention/energy to these other lives/stories. But most of us like to explore and have a process of discovery that leads to that. And like I mentioned for me, exploring these things I’ve just found to be fun and entertaining. But ultimately only you will know what is true for you, so always trust your own gut/intuition :).

Love & Blessings,


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