How To Generate Energy From Within

I saw someone online ask a question similar to “How can I generate energy within, without connecting to the sun and earth or anything else like that?”

So how can you generate energy from within yourself, without channeling it or pulling it from other sources? I’ll share some methods below.


Prana/Chi and life force energy can all mean the same thing. It’s about pulling in the energy that is all around us and there at all times. You do this automatically by breathing. Every breath you take you are breathing in prana/chi energy. Just not a lot of it if you aren’t working on retraining your breathing or doing various techniques. Also the food and water we eat supplies this energy to us in that form.

Some popular methods to generate this prana within can be to do Yoga, Tai Chi, & Qi Gong.

There are also pranic breathing exercises and the breathing exercises by Wim Hof. You can search online and find plenty of those.

Going the prana/chi route I found the 9 energizing breaths to be the best way for myself. They can generate an insane amount of energy. The book is called “The Power of Prana” By Master Stephen Co. Learning those 9 energizing breaths can change your life ? as with any of the other methods.

Sexual Energy 

I admit that sexual energy is not my forte, or at least has not been in this lifetime. I rarely work with this energy in this way and honestly… not that interested either, at least not at this time. There are many divine feminine souls here that are very much into the tantric work and utilizing sexual energy for many things, including creative endeavors and manifestation.

I just wanted to mention it mostly so that you could be aware it is possible, then do your own searches and find some tantric or sexual energy groups that you could learn more from. But this is energy that is definitely generated from within so I wanted to include it.

Here is something called Ancient Egyptian Sexual Ankhing:

Some of it can be about utilizing the energy at the moment of orgasm and redirecting that energy. It’s very related to the kundalini as well, the energy tube that runs along the spine.

Other Methods 

– I go deep within my heart space, sacred space, and I keep going deeper in and in until I connect with the light/power of my soul. When I connect to that, I expand it and keep expanding it all throughout my body, chakras, auric field, then can use that energy.

-You can also generate energy by playing around with the merkaba and spinning it different ways.

-I mostly work out of my heart chakra for healing work, but there are other Power centers in the stomach area including the Solar Plexus chakra. So you could spin the solar plexus really fast and generate more power that way. You can also just focus energy into the solar plexus and expand it, so it becomes much bigger. There’s also the Dantian point in the stomach, you can look that up where the location is. I actually have felt there is one other power center in the stomach I’ve pulled on many times before that generates a lot of power for me. I think those breathing exercises end up hitting that for me and pulling from there. But specifically in the past when I would connect to the Divine Spark within myself, it was somewhere in that solar plexus area. For that I would put intention to connect to the Divine Spark and visualize a ball of pure white light. Then I would visualize my finger touching that light and then feel the energy.

-Lastly specifically ask your higher self to help send energy through and love through, that can also help a lot.

Those are all the main methods I can think of now, but there’s probably others too. Hope that helps!

Love & Blessings,


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