How to make the most out of the moon cycles

Perhaps you have noticed that each time the new moon is near, you become restless, agitated, fearful, whereas with the full moon you get a sense of excitement and empowerment. The cycles of the moon affect us more than you think, but you can take advantage of its shifts to progress along your spiritual path. Also, understand the connection between spirituality and the moon cycles.

The sun and the moon

The moon has a powerful connection with the earth, it provides us with a lighter frequency because it fills the earth with high vibration the closer it is to it. The moon and the sun together help us gather enough light to sustain a higher vibration. As their light showers earth, it “fills” it with 7th-dimensional energy. The earth and all beings on earth used to vibrate much lower in the 3D dimensional frequency, which was regularly low. The sun and the moon, however, agreed to shine their light on earth daily to help all earth beings not be consumed by the lower frequencies but find the balance between the 3rd and the 7th-dimensional energy. As the ascension began, the earth can finally move from the low vibration of 3D, and it has the sun and moon energy as allies emanated much stronger light than ever before.

The higher the dimension the lighter the vibration. Emotions such as love, joy, gratitude, peace, kindness are high vibrational, whereas sadness, fear, distress are dense emotions and are not a match to the higher dimensions. (Read here about the different dimensions.) As we ascend and elevate, we receive more light from both the sun and the moon, as well as thousands of light beings, elementals and even planets and stars who emit their light codes on earth, to help it finally sustain a higher vibration and move from the 3rd and 4rth to the fifth dimension. (Read about ascension here).

While the sun has a powerful role in shifting our whole energy, the moon phases present waves of light transmissions with each cycle, moving us from high to low frequency. (Read more about solar energy,go here.)

The energetics of a full moon

The moon plays a vital role not only to raise our vibration but to keep us calm, aligned with our purpose and brings balance between the ego-self and our true light essence.

With the moon shining bright during a full moon, we gather enough magnetic energy to supercharge our desires, fill our being with positive energy, as well as cleanse and uplift the entire earth. During a full moon, the dogs and wolfs howl, not because of fear, but because of the vibrant energy they experience. Those who own gemstones and crystals know that during a full moon it is the best time to let them charge under the moonlight. Moreover, In the past, they chose this time to do rituals because the energy was bright and prominent. Perhaps you have noticed that during a full moon, you are more elevated, positive, active and your intuition is heightened.

The energetics of the New moon

If you experience mood swings, anger, frustration, fearful thoughts, sadness or depression, look at the moon. Is it fading in preparation for the new cycle? As its light becomes weaker, behavior and emotions shift.

By way of the new moon, the light frequency it emits limits, so there is an imbalance between the 3rd-dimensional energy and the 7th-dimensional energy. Since the moon is further from the earth, limiting its impact to the 7th D energy it broadcasts.

If you are an empath or a sensitive, then you are possibly affected during a new moon, because you can sense more deeply the lower frequencies that are dominant on earth. Fears show up because they have more impact on you due to the intensity of the 3D energy. Additionally, lower vibrational people drain you more than usual, negative conversation or thoughts feel denser, that is because you experience their heaviness. Also, triggers to fears and past pain come up through your emotions and you experience overwhelming shifts such as anxiety, depression or anger.

Benefit from the cycles of the moon

The good news is that we can take advantage of both phases of the moon to achieve your goals, desires and progress your spiritual growth.

8 Full moon rituals

1) As the full moon magnifies your energy, your manifestation powers receive a boost. This means that what you focus on has more energy charges to become a reality. So the best thing you can do is focus on your desires. Affirm them out loud. Believe that you have the power from the moon and the universe to see them manifest.

2) It is also a good time to do a new vision board, or speak your affirmations under the full moon. Visualize, affirm and daydream those desires to life.

3) Setting intentions is another powerful ritual that you can start during the full moon. Start a diary with monthly intentions. Write all that you want to achieve during the coming month. The angels taught me that if you want something to go right, you have to the intent it. So intent away and make sure that you have faith that the new month will be amazing!

4) Energy healing is all the more powerful during this time because energy is so intense all around and you can use it to send light healing.

5) Charge your gemstones and crystals outside to fill their energy and magical powers.

6) It is the best time to focus on anything that requires your intuition and inspiration. That might be working with your oracle or angel cards (did you know I have created a deck with the angels? Find it here).

7) Work on something creative such as your novel, journaling, painting, or anything creative.

8) Spirit work and communication is also all the more powerful now because we have higher energy on earth and light beings can reach us more clearly.


4 New moon rituals

1)   During the moon, it is a good time to do what some call: shadow work. Shadow work is healing and clearing any wounds, trauma, fears, negative beliefs, emotions or anything that lowers your vibration and takes you off your path. This is a good time for this because most probably fears show up during the new moon, and they are so intense that you can’t hide from them.

 Inner fears, trauma, and pain suffice because they come from dense vibration and they are drawn to the surface. You cannot ignore them, and why would you? This is the perfect time to listen to your fears, identify them, write them down and work on releasing them.

(The original lightworkers membership, guides you through all the steps of shadow work. Find it here.)

2) Observe what doesn’t work. You can notice all that makes you fearful and negative because the density all around supercharges them. So write down all that doesn’t work from people, habits, and situations and start working on some changes. This can be anything from songs you hear, tv shows you watch, the conversations you have and so on. Notice, listen, feel, know.

3) Meditate and work with your higher self. Meditation brings inner peace and higher self-connection. When you merge with your higher self, then you become truly uplifted, lighter, blissful. Those moments of complete bliss are so needed during the low vibration chaos that exists on earth in a new moon. Take advantage of this getaway to go within, connect and find the inner calm.

4) The shift from fear to love. The angels say “every time you shift from a negative emotion or state to a positive one, you create ripples of a higher vibration through the world, and the entire existence.” These are some very powerful words that make you pause and appreciate the power of shifting your vibration. The new moon gives you the chance to move through the density and find inner peace, to shift all those fears and negative emotions to joy, happiness, and ease. With practice, you won’t experience those lower vibrations because you will have achieved constant bliss. Isn’t that a tool worth having? After all, as the saying goes: “practice makes perfect”, so let those fears come and learn to tame them until you find the sweet spot and return to complete alignment.


Take advantage of the cycles of the moon to take control of your life and emotions. Nothing in existence happens randomly, the moon cycles prove this. Choose your rituals and get ready to empower!


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