How To Physically Integrate Your 5D Lightbody

5D Light Body



How To Physically Integrate Your 5D Light Body


The term ‘5D light body’ has become a real buzz word in the field of spirituality over the last few years. We’ve been encouraged to anticipate the earth shattering moment when our physicality will shift and we’ll be blissfully upgraded to the new, heavenly 5D vibration.

Unfortunately, this expectation does us a massive disservice. It leads us to the assumption that this 5D upgrade will come without any effort on our part and worse still, that it will happen suddenly in a moment and everything will change to rainbows and butterflies. Wrong.

I’m here to give you a REALISTIC understanding of exactly what happens throughout awakening so that you know what to expect and how to handle it when it comes. The shift to 5D is absolutely wonderful, but it wont happen overnight, and it wont happen without your active participation either, so lets get into it and start ushering that higher vibration in with conscious, focused intent.


What Is The Light body?

Lets start with the basics.

The light body is your higher vibrational self.

Its the true spiritual essence of who you really are, without all of the damage and karma, negative beliefs and programming you’ve picked up living your lifetimes. Think of it like the ascended master version of you. It resonates higher and has access to so much wisdom because it has clarity – its not weighed down by the illusions of earthly life. Our aim during awakening is to embody the higher part of ourselves as fully as possible while still here in the physical realm, but its a continual practice, not necessarily a one time milestone (although it does get much easier as we continue the awakening process).


What Is 5D Reality (And Why Do We Need To Shift To It?)

At this present time the Earth is shifting into 5D (this sounds complicated, but simply put, it is a higher vibration than before). Think of it like Gaia reincarnating into her next life. As Mother Earth changes to a different energetic frequency, so must we, or we risk being incompatible. This change calls for the evolution of our DNA in order to adapt to our new lighter, more positive environment.

Light body activation is the physical body’s awakening

Our physical bodies are being upgraded to their next level of existence too. That means less darkness, pain, challenge and struggle. We are leaving much of the old learning experiences through pain and difficulty behind. There will still be learning to be done as we continue our soul’s growth, but we’ll be learning in more gentle, compassionate and harmonious ways.


Benefits Of Light Body Integration

  • Heightened senses – taste, touch, smell, sight, sound and intuition
  • Improved physical health (healing or improvement of health problems)
  • Improved mental and emotional health (healing of long term issues, behavioural patterns and trauma)
  • Happier and more balanced mood
  • More youthful, healthy appearance
  • Manifestation abilities
  • Increased compassion, understanding and love for others
  • Awareness of life purpose/ soul mission
  • More conscious awareness and control of the self and behaviours

So these all sound pretty awesome, right? We absolutely can have all of those awesome abilities. Most leaders in the spiritual community will tell you that you need to activate your light body in order to achieve those results. You don’t. Your light body is already not only activated (it was activated the moment your spiritual awakening began), but its already waiting for you to claim and embody it.

In order for us to gain access to this evolutionary birthright we must INTEGRATE it with our current human body. The blue print for all of these abilities currently lays dormant within our DNA. All we have to do is create the right environment for it. There are a few things we can do to make that happen…


Realize That Your Physical Body Must Ascend Too

Its a rarely covered truth, but your physical body MUST ascend too. This is the most often neglected part of awakening, and I’ve seen it keep people stuck in their ascension with challenging physical and emotional symptoms that last YEARS. We tend to consider that the spiritual part of awakening doesn’t involve the physical at all – we think that if we can just ascend and get away from the Earth that everything will be alright. But in truth, that can never happen because WE ARE HERE on Earth, and refusal to accept that vital other half of yourself will keep you stunted in your spiritual growth for as long as it takes for you to acknowledge it (note – the Universe doesn’t care how long that realization will take you).

Your body is the physical expression of the divine

So express it! Create the right foundations to support your physical body through this shift so that it can shimmer with that beautiful celestial light that you came here to shine.


Acknowledge The Fragility Of The Human Body

Human frailty is a tough thing to accept, particularly when you know so deeply within that you’re not really human at all. When awakening lifts the veil of amnesia, just being present in a physical body can feel all wrong. It feels like a lie because we know somewhere within our souls that we are all-powerful, and to find ourselves in a vehicle so tenderly fragile can be traumatizing to say the least. Yet it is in acknowledging the delicate nature of life – of realizing that it is a miracle in itself – that helps us to see divinity through physicality.

Similarly so, a transition as powerful as the shift from 3D to the 5D vibration can take a massive toll on the body, and you must honour, protect and support this temporary vehicle by taking great care of it for the time that you have it. The physical difficulties and symptoms you are experiencing are signs that your body is struggling to upgrade. Fatigue, nausea, dizziness, ache and pains, temperature fluctuations and brain fog are all signs that your body is crying out for help to hold that higher resonance. Ironically, it is this vulnerability that first called to most of us as light workers on the other side and urged us to come here to help the human race. Unfortunately we sign up with passion and promise to save the human race while neglecting the human be-ing inside of ourselves.


Embody The Vibration You Want To Be

If you want to integrate the 5D part of yourself, you need to become a similar vibration. Its no use hanging out in negative environments, consuming unnatural substances and eating junk food full of chemicals. There’s a reason why most spiritually enlightened souls generally drink pure water, avoid technology, consume a plant based diet, meditate regularly and use all natural products – its because they can feel the lightness of that vibration and they actively cultivate it by avoiding things that they know will only serve to bring density. Now, I’m not saying you need to go hang out in an ashram retreat for months eating nettle soup, but a few simple changes can help raise you closer to where you want to be.


It Takes Time

Yep, I know I’m the bearer of bad news (or a harsh truth instead of a comforting lie) but it really does take time. Its a continual progression towards that higher state of being. There are no shortcuts, and be wary of those who claim that there are. The good news is that you will have moments when you feel the shifts you’re making. You’ll just sense and know that you have hit the next check point – your health will improve, or you’ll feel a sense of joy, or perhaps you’ll be glowing from the inside out – and its a beautiful feeling – its one of the great joys of awakening to feel yourself literally lightening up – don’t forget that. Its about the journey – the climb – and when you finally manage to peek over one of the mountain’s peaks and the grandeur of existence takes your breath away, its so, so worth it.


Want To Integrate Your Light Body, Upgrade Your DNA & Activate Dormant 5D Abilities?

Our brand new meditation can help with that…


The ‘DNA Upgrade’ will:

  • Elevate the energy of your DNA to activate dormant spiritual and physical abilities
  • Raise your physical body’s vibration to match your soul’s ascended resonance
  • Anchor your light body to your 3D body so that you can express your divinity here and now
  • Release ‘old Earth’ patterns, density, negative beliefs and self-imposed limitations and replace with ‘new Earth’ reality
  • Teach your body to maintain a state of optimal health by resonating at a higher frequency


What Is It?

DNA LightBody Upgrade

• An energy healing session channeled directly from a collection of high vibrational guides, who are dedicated to assisting us through our awakening process.
• A pre-recorded video full of healing, clearing and energetic adjustments.
• A calm and relaxing meditation that is completed (regardless of distance or time) in under 20 minutes.
• A safe way to enter a Theta brain wave (the natural relaxed state responsible for healing, rest and recuperation).
• Can be used regularly to keep you in balance or any time you experience physical awakening symptoms to help your body adjust.


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