I Am.

Fellow highly sensitive beings from The Pleiades,
Namaste. That part of me that is divine recognizes that part of you that is divine, and for this reason, I feel a kinship with you, you who only speak the truth, you who would not take by theft or force anything, physical or etheric, from anyone, you who would not bind anyone to any unfair obligation by force, guilt trip, or contractual agreement. Those who want what is best for everyone, try to guide and bring out the best in everyone, those who dissolve the density and negativity away from the auric fields that these things don’t seem to belong inside of, and know that you have lived before, even on other planets, I’d like to reacquaint your minds with that divinity and unite us all, because the last time that we were all divine and united was when there were colonies established by beings from different star systems here on Earth that did not necessarily associate with each other.
Now, as time goes on, the same as it is becoming more and more rare to find a person who is only one kind of ethnicity, it is becoming more common to find starseeds who have incarnated in a body that doesn’t resonate with their soul. Well, karmically it is what they have earned, but between the souls and bodies of these individuals, the vibrational frequency of one will usually be higher or lower than the other.
For those who have a low vibrational frequency, but, by some deeds committed in their previous life, have earned a body with a higher vibrational frequency, I imagine that they might find it difficult to indulge in the lower vibrational frequency things that resonate with their souls. These are things like past-times and activities, forms of entertainment, humor, groups, and sexual experiences. I imagine that it would be like the body trying to force the vibrational frequency of the soul to rise.
Others however, like myself, might have, by deeds committed in previous lives earned a body with a lower vibrational frequency than that of their soul. An astrologist would probably say that we were born under an unfavorable celestial arrangement and just have to make the most of it. I can certainly say that this can cause a person to have to fight low vibrational frequency urges and impulses all their life. It causes acting out of character. You might try to say something nice and it comes out wrong. You may do something with the best intentions and it causes the opposite of what you had intended. You have irresistable urges and impulses to do things that don’t resonate with your soul, and those from your star system who incarnated into a body that resonates with their soul will hesitate to associate with you because of the vibes that you are giving off. If you can find yourself alone and meditate you can clear away all of the static, call all of yourself back to you and feel and function better. When you are around other people, though, especially certain kinds and certain ones, you seem to lose that peace and balance and joy that you had found.
This is because your body cannot house and be a conduit for the energy of your vast and powerful soul. This has been an issue since The Flood wiped out all of the giant bodies and bodies with superhuman DNA. Now it has become even moreso an issue because the distractions of society are leading people further away from virtue (natural goodness), and self-realization. Meanwhile, not being able to embody your own light, because the body has a lower vibrational frequency, combined with identifying solely with the body and its needs, desires, fears, worldly goals, etcetera, causes you to lose touch with that light and it can be absorbed by those who can see the divinity within you, but will never tell you. They will say that it is not their job to tell you. I will say that it is mine. The rest is up to you.
What they are doing is ethically wrong, but it is supported by the unbiased laws of physics, that don’t see things in terms of right and wrong, and sometimes this equals that. For example, |-1|=1. The absolute value of negative one equals one. The way in which the laws of physics enable the taking of energy from one auric field by another, is in the way that energy travels in the path of the least resistance. This means that you have to recognize that divinity within yourself and accept it entirely, for better or for worse, for yourself.
Accepting it entirely requires a lot of sacrifice. Sometimes, it’s not fun being an empath, but we have to accept it and learn to develop an energetic equilibrium with the world, in which we decide what energy is let in or out of our auric fields and who we merge with. This requires mindfulness and concentration which is difficult to hold while the mind swings from thought to thought like a monkey swings from one branch to another.
Echart Tolle proposes a great way to solve this problem. He basically says that to pull yourself, your mind, will, and senses back from the past and from ahead in the future and fully embrace the current moment, gives you the power to dissolve the “monkey mind” and affect change with your whole entire being in the present moment as you roll forward with it through time. I have found that it is true. If you withdraw the energy that you are subconsciously expending trying to change the past and control the future and condense them into the current moment, then you are aware of and one with the entire truth of that moment, and you are your only limitation. If the food isn’t done cooking at that moment, you will know that and roll forward with the present moment, almost like surfing through time on the crest of a wave that is the ever-evolving “now,” until the perfect moment to remove the food from the heat arrives. It is then that you will know that also, and probably step out of the Lotus position and go and turn the stove off.
With 5-D Ascension, though, many things are becoming obselete. Looking at time as a linear thing with a forward, a backard, and a point of origin (now), is one of those things. We have been looking at things in a 3-D way and compensating for the lack of awareness in other areas, by other means. For example, in building something, we look at the blueprints or a 3-D model, physical or computer-generated, to envision a construct that we are trying by physical means to manifest from our headspace to our physical space. It’s height width and depth are made known to us. We use a limited awareness of space (the area) to define its space dimension (the jobsite). We try to define its time dimension with the construct of time that we were taught, using clocks and calendars, milestones and deadlines. When we build things with 5-D awareness, we chose a location not just in relation to the nearest freeway access, school, or shopping center, but in relation to everything in the known universe, like the way that ancient ruins from forgotten civilizations are laid out according to the path of the Sun, Moon, planets, and constellations. We also will not just build things to get us through the next few decades, but things that will last as long as possible, almost forever, like anctient ruins. According to this, you could look at “Present Mind” as the best possible state of mind, in a 3-D world, and therefore “Eternal Mind” would be the 5-D mind.
These two mentalities are expressed within people. The Eternal Mind tells us to rely on what is consistent and sustainable. The Present Mind tells us to go ahead and use whatever is available and will solve the problem now. The former is more concerned with quality. The latter is more concerned with quantity. One will come up with a solution that is good for the self. The other will come up with a solution that is good for everyone. The Eternal Mind is etheric-natured and fueled by the upper chakras. The Present mind is physical in nature and exists within the lower ones. People that I know and meet seem to fall in one category or the other. Some have traits from both though. As time moves forward, however, The Universe is urgently compelling us more and more to choose one way of life or the other.
For this reason, you might find it increasingly hard see innocent mischief as cute or funny. Don’t be surprised if it only seems wrong. The energy in the air is becoming more and more divisive. For this reason, even the proponent of the mischief may have trouble seeing it as a joke or being able to justify it in their mind. They will be forced to see it for what it is and choose whether to still do it or not. Thus they have chosen what they are. Those who are stuck in patterns of this behavior and cannot correct themselves, when the “End-Time Harvest” comes, they will be caught on the wrong side. So in that moment of mischief, they may seem to have a sinister look about them or an evil aire. This is because they have chosen to be a conduit for that energy and have adopted it as their way. The same way, the equal opposite applies to those who choose to be a conduit for good. They appear heavenly, or seem to have a glow about them.
Let’s go back to the food cooking. Let’s say that it is bread baking in the oven. A person with a Present Mind will know when the bread is ready, but let’s say that there is an abundance of 5-D energy in the air and the baker of the bread has an awareness of the infinite nature of time and space, 5-D Eternal Mind. Looking at the bread inside the oven, the person might imagine having put the bread in the oven sooner and see the bread become closer to being ready. They may imagine having put the bread in a little later than they did and watch it move back closer to a batter-like state. They might even scan a bit forward through infinite time and find that moment when the bread will be perfectly done and pull that moment backward through time to where, or shoud I say “when,” they are standing in front of the oven waiting for it to be done. Careful, though. This can cause problems, like damage to the stove, or disruption of the flow of time itself.
I hope that I do not offend any yogis when I say that over the course of 5-D Ascension, Kundalini will become obselete. The Bible says that God separated the light from the darkness, obviously within himself, because God is The Universe and everything in it. Apparently he didn’t stop dividing things there, because within the light are separate frequencies of light that we recognize as different colors. Therefore seeing a rainbow and knowing the science behind it compels me to believe that God is the prism that separates everything into the spectrum of individual and separate things that we see. The same way, you are the prism that separates the light into the different colors that are found within your chakras. Scientists have found that the pineal gland can conjure and interact with different frequencies of light. So, when you separate white light into the different colors and categorize and place those colors where they belong, your red photons are red, and your blue photons are blue. By categorizing and separating things God and ourselves are able to preserve the purity and integrity of things and allow them to interact with each other as the unique things that they are. 5-D Ascension however is all about oneness, the oneness of all space in The Universe, the oneness of past, present, and future. Therefore each photon of the crystalline light that is more abundant in the air when the Schumann is high, cycles through a spectrum of color frequencies making it seem to sparkle different colors. Each photon expresses the macrocosm of light altogether.
This being said, you can meditate and focus on your chakras, making them clean and clear, flowing freely, and glowing brightly with their proper colors. This might pale in comparison to making all seven of them glow brightly with the Crystalline 5-D Light of Ascension. This way, your soul and body won’t be resonating with different colors. Everything becomes crystalline. Let it enter your Heart Chakra and fill your auric field. When the active and dynamic photons take effect, you may feel aches and pains go away and your mind become clear. When the awareness of Space finds you, there is no such thing as an energy vampire, because there is no location in Space that you are not aware of and cannot retrieve your energy from. Being aware of all time and the evolving of all things through it, to be an energy vampire is an unethical exercise in futility, because a being can just roll the state of their light body back to when it was in good standing and then roll it back forward to the recognized present without the induction of the density, darkness, or negativity that was brought to it. You are aware of the physical space that you are occupying and the light body that you are also, that is trying to align itself with that same space. You feel the directions that it moves in as it flows through your body and where the blockages are. As you remove the blockages, you also feel their physical manifestations dissolve away also, such as dis-cord dis-ease and dis-order of the body, mind, and emotional state. You don’t hesitate to reach out telepathically, making your phone obselete. You know where your loved ones are, making chipping and tracking irrelevant to today’s technological needs. Your health is naturally good and there is no need for things like health insurance. This is what Ascension is offering, and for it to occur will certainly disrupt the momentum of things as they seem to be going.
This is what The Galactic Federation wants for us, so that we can get back into communication with the planets that are in communication with each other. Right now, however, this planet is inhabited by beings from the higher vibrational frequencies and the lower ones. The beings of the lower vibrations are afraid of being at the bottom of the Totem Pole on this planet or being completely removed from it, so they want to keep everyone’s vibrational frequency low so that no one ascends. The higher vibrational beings want the planet to ascend and for their relatives, who once did thrive here before we all began to indulge and spiral downward, to regain control (for lack of a better word) of the planet and rejoin the Galactic Federation. Either way, one side or the other is going to have to leave. This is what would probably come to be known as The Rapture, which has been foretold as going a certain way. There is and always has been a possibility of it going the other way. For this to happen, the good ones have to be great in number and more good than the bad ones are bad, if that makes sense. We will have to hold more sway over the vibrational frequency of the Earth and the spirit of the Earth who I believe is alive, incarnated, and walking this planet right now just like you and me. Neither side of the etheric beings are allowed to interfere, but in a war between good and evil, only one side is going to play by the rules. Therefore your Pleiadian guides may limit their contact with you, or even remain unseen and just give you light when you need it. They don’t really answer questions much, but they will give you the right question to go searching for the answer to. They might even remove distractions during that brief window when the answer reveals itself. The interference from the other side however knows no bounds. The good side has resorted to such extreme measures as showering the entire planet with active and dynamic light energy to help us wake up.
When this light comes over you, it brings peace and healing. It begins to change the way you feel about things, think about things, and do things. You will want to indulge in less sex, or you will engage in it out of love, not an animal-like lust. Therefore instead of dropping your vibrational frequency, it will raise it. Comedy is junk food for the soul and you will indulge in less of it. If you do continue to make jokes, they will be cleaner and non-offensive. You will have less of a need for excitement, entertainment, gathering in groups, dancing, and singing. You may feel like you are losing the human aspect of yourself, but we have to release the human aspect of ourselves in order to release the limitations that come along with it and let our higher selves come through. Some will look at life from this perspective and feel like life is pointless without these things. They will revert back. Others will just feel like it’s a boring state to be in. They will revert back also. Others, who appreciate the peace that it brings will accept it and continue to gain wisdom, knowledge, and abilities.
So, now it appears as if humanity is approaching a Y-section. Certain things are going to happen:
People will live longer, healthier lives.
Communication between people will flow freely.
People will automatically know where each other are.
There will be peace.
The dead will walk The Earth.
There will be abundance.
The atmosphere will change.
The world will be one.
How these things occur has yet to be determined. For example, people could live longer healthier lives either naturally, due to ascension, or because of improvements in medical technology. Communication between people will flow freely either by way of future cellular phone technology, or telepathy. People will automatically know where each other are because we will all be able to astrally project, or because we will all be chipped and tracked. There will be peace either because all of the world’s governments destroy all weapons and end all conflicts or because people wake up and realize that peace was always the best option. The dead will walk The Earth. This could be because with ascension we all gain awareness of the collective spirit world, or perhaps some new cell phone frequency in the air acts as a medium, bridging the gap between the spiritual and physical worlds. There will be abundance, but whether it will be hoarded at the top or spread amongst all beings is the question. The atmosphere will change and we will enjoy more of this crystalline light, or the other side will put gases and particles in the atmosphere to block it, and the world will be one whether that same side unifies all of the world’s governments, or we acknowledge the oneness that exists and has always existed uniting all things.
Can you see how each thing makes its counterpart moot, irrelevant, or obselete? By choosing one and having nothing at all to do with the other, we send a signal to The Universe and the Galactic Federation defining what we truly want. This being said, what will you choose? To be honest, the decision has already been made. Be still. Stop doing and relax the body. Stop thinking and relax the mind. Stop feeling feelings and let your spirit be at peace. Tune in to that part of you that says, “I am something great.” Dissolve it. Tune in to that part of you that says, “I am something lowly.” Dissolve it also. Having dissolved your “something great” and your “something lowly,” leave it as is and reside in the great “I AM.”
Love and Light,
The One.

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