If They Love You To The Moon And Back, They Would Do These 6 Things Unknowingly

by Conscious Reminder

Relationships, particularly romantic ones, bring us a number of beautiful moments and happiness, but they could break our hearts and cause us terrible pain simultaneously.

The main reason for that would be that we tend to look at our partners through rose-tinted glasses. This is the reason why we are not able to make precise judgments about the potential and the character of our partner.

So, as time passes by, we start seeing the flaws of our partner, or we see that the things are not that perfect as they were at the beginning. During such times, some serious problems also arise.

So, can we understand that a person is the real one for us from the start? According to some experts, words can never be the reassurance about the feelings of other people, but actions can.

So, experts suggest that these are the six things that someone that loves us a lot would definitely do for us unknowingly:

1. They accept us for who we are and know our true colors.

Our partner is aware of our flaws, but he or she loves us anyway. He or she is prepared to accept us for who we are and are never going to attempt to change us.

When talking about a romantic partner, we have to look for a person that is OK when we have a terrible day, or we are not really interested in talking or having sex. We should look for someone that feels happy only to lie with us in our bed and even watch us sleep.

2. They remember things about us.

When someone truly loves us, he or she cannot forget what we like, or we don’t like, or something related to our health, career, personal life, etc.

When someone is crazy in love, he or she will remember every detail about us from our everyday conversations on even conversations with other people.

3. They try to always be in touch with us.

When our partner wants to communicate with us as much as he or she can, it is proof that he or she feels profoundly connected with us and thinks of us always.

For example, a simple text for ‘good morning’ can indicate that someone loves us deeply.

4. They are truly empathetic.

We tend to tell our feeling and what we go through to our closest people. However, what could be the sign that someone loves us is if he or she is empathetic towards us or not and if they treat us with understanding and compassion. Spending enough time with them would be the best way to find out.

5. Their company.

Another thing which will reveal if there is love between the two of us is how we actually feel when we are together. That would definitely be the best evidence showing that we love one another and that we are a quite good match.

When the two of us can’t wait to come home in order to see one another, as this is what makes us happy and also relieves our stress, then it means that we are with the real partner.

6. Looking at one another for extended periods.

Of course, body language was said to be important too, and it can reveal a lot about our relationship.

We will feel OK when we look at one another in the eyes at a really close range – several inches only. We will feel uncomfortable when we do this with people that we are not so close to or intimate with.

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