If This Sounds Familiar, Maybe You Are a Natural-Born Healer and Don’t Know It

by Conscious Reminder

Nowadays, as we are living in this modernized world and society, we get so busy with everything around us that we don’t even notice what actually happens within us.

Some individuals are not even conscious of their ability to do shamanic work and to cleanse energy fields generally.

Some people have the powers and capacities to heal other people energetically and medically. A lot of them exist, but there are some who are not aware of that skill.

They will probably notice that there is something different about them, but they are not able to understand why they have those strange feelings. Frequently, those people are the ones that are in the position of making good things. They are willing to help other people in a lot of different ways, and they feel pleasure when they make those people’s lives better.

You probably know a person that you can associate with this precise description, or you can also fit the description yourself. One important thing you have to remember is that healers really have the ability to do a lot of things that you can even imagine. Nowadays, this world needs healers. So, unleash your powers or unleash all those powers of the healers that are around you.

Here, we will present you the signs which set these people apart for other people and are also always there in their lives.

When a person is a natural born healer, he or she will feel every shift more intensely than other people. It is going to be a powerful feeling such as a magnetic pull towards some leadership positions which help in facilitating the transformation of the human awareness and the evolution of species. Being a healer means having the sense that the purpose of our life is actually the one which is destined to be present in that global consciousness shift.

Every healer experiences something hard, often traumatic, which prepares him for the leadership role, which is shamanic initiation. For example, it can be something heart or life-threatening which he or she survived and overcame, such as sexual violence, childhood abuse, a near-death experience, and some other different trauma which forged him or her into that healing earth shaman he or she becomes.

Healers make others feel comfortable so they can open up. Those people will definitely open themselves up in front of the healers and tell them anything, as healers are excellent listeners.

Dreams will also be realistic and vivid as for healers they are where all the unseen realms will have the chance to establish a communication with them easily. For example, we may try to analyze and remember our dreams as they are going to tell us something. We can also notice that sometimes we predicted our future with such a dream. It is going to feel just like déjà vu in our real life.

Shamans are also introverts as they actually are multi-dimensional creatures that dance between different realms of unseen and seen worlds.

Healers have the ability to read other people accurately. They have the capacity to sense the intentions of other people, and they possess energies which radiate positively. This means that only with their smile they can make other people smile and be happy. They can easily notice when a person is upset, even when that cannot be seen on that person’s face. Also, they will know what they have to do or even say in order to make that person feel better.

Children are the ones that are often drawn to such people, as healers make children feel happy and secure.

Remember that when you accept that you have the gift of a healer, you are going to heal yourself, so after that, you can heal this world too.

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