If You’ve Experienced Most Of These 30 Signs, You Were Born To Be A Spiritual Healer

by Conscious Reminder

Who are the people called spiritual healers? Spiritual healers are the ones that allow themselves to be utilized as the channel through which healing energy and light are flowing. This may actually be for their own benefit or for others.

As healers, they are exceptional people for this society. They are able to heal the souls of people and also change their lives.

But, their world is not always colored in pink. They usually suffer from their own problems as they are very adapted when it comes to fixing the emotional burdens and problems of other people. But, spiritual healers are generally always going to pull through as they are aware that this world constantly needs them – well, it really does.

So, when people think that they may be spiritual healers, they have probably experienced or noticed at least just one of the symptoms below:

  1. They are extremely sensitive to energies;
  2. They feel the emotions or physical ailments of other people as their own, which means they are empaths;
  3. They are also intuitive, and they have the ability to read other people easily;
  4. They don’t care about the details, so they are actually a ‘big picture’ thinker;
  5. They are going through the bouts of the existential depression;
  6. They feel like outcasts in their whole life;
  7. They usually think differently than other people;
  8. They often get overwhelmed when in public;
  9. They were struggling with panic or anxiety before;
  10. They are the person that makes peace between others;
  11. People always turn to them when they need help as they are confident;
  12. They experience lower back pain, digestive problems or also gain weight down around their stomach;
  13. They feel completely drained after they spend most of their time around other people;
  14. Some sensitive beings such as children or animals gravitate towards them;
  15. Others dump emotional baggage on them so they will deal with;
  16. They think in grey shades instead of black or white;
  17. They are aware of life’s interconnectedness, respecting it deeply;
  18. They believe strongly in synchronicity, even more, they do in coincidences;
  19. They have their history full of other healers in their family, such as psychologists, nurses, massage therapists;
  20. They experienced traumas in their lives, such as loss of family members, incurable illness, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, mental illness or war.
  21. They underwent the process of spiritual awakening;
  22. They have experienced the soul’s dark night;
  23. They tend to utilize their right side thinker instead of their left side one;
  24. They encounter some chronic pain throughout their body or also autoimmune diseases;
  25. They have electromagnetic hypersensitivity or EMF;
  26. They attract people that need fixing; however, they usually get trapped when they self-sacrifice themselves;
  27. They are compassionate and excellent listeners;
  28. They are also naturally drawn to healing professions which help other people experience wholeness and balance;
  29. They can feel and distinguish between or also alert the energies in and out of themselves;
  30. They had a lot of mystical experiences.

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