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What we often forget operating from the perspective of the third dimension is that we are multi-dimensional beings. Not only are we flesh & bone and thinking beings but there is a lot more going on… So when we set ourselves up to heal a pattern in our relationships it all happens not only on the physical level but also on the mental, emotional, and etheric levels as well to complete the full healing experience.
Let’s take for instance consciousness.… wether we are aware of it or not we all plug into at least four different kinds of consciousness…
1st. As an individual with our own awareness of ourselves and others.
2nd. A group consciousness. What we call “soul groups” who come into our lives, whom we have soul contracts with and are learning the same or similar life lessons. This is where we can see the patterns in our lives and others that relate to ours…

3rd. the Collective Consciousness. What everyone shares as a collective in ideas and thought patterns in our norms and as a society.
4th. The Universal Consciousness – Our full connection to the All.  What some call God, Creator, Source, or the Universal mind. This is when you are aware of being a part of every atom, every particle and energy that moves in the essence of the language of Unconditional Love. What is also known as “Oneness” as nothing is separated in any way, shape or form etc…
Then we have the “etheric field” which some see as the human aura and how it connects to the chakra system. These energy fields that everyone has are a broadcast of our mental, emotions and an etheric template of the human form that moves a thought into existence and us into an experience on the physical plane. We also pick up on what we call an intuitive level of these broadcasts, either on a conscious or subconscious level.. 
The physical body, as we know, is comprised of cells, organs muscles, blood and tissue… Also the brain who likes to drive our experience but is often asleep or unaware of the connections that is happening on the other layers… This is fascinating as physical and emotional triggers can influence body chemistry, and move one into recreating a pattern of reliving a time loop in our human experience that has been recorded in our cells sending signals to our brain and outer bodies. (etheric bodies)
Then we have the soul which is more than one layer… Soul contracts with ourselves and others before birth. Of course everything is connected so the dimensions  naturally flow into this as each part of consciousness exists on different planes of existence but the reason I mention all this is… that when we are healing we are healing on many levels of the creation of the self. And if we see it from the higher perspective it is the opportunity to experience all levels of our connections to ourselves, each other, and Source.
What I find as the true miracle is that no matter how complicated it all seems, when we look at the whole picture as a human being, we do and can learn how to change patterns and heal. And not only that… we can help lift and inspire others to do the same and heal as we are all connected on some level of consciousness…


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