Intuitive Message From Thoth

Source is always able to hear requests for help and give what is appropriate for that moment. If your prayers and requests aren’t answered then work on having even more faith in Source and ask for assistance again. You will start to see that your requests will be answered more often, if you have faith and follow the path of your heart. When you are out of alignment and not putting your energy where you should be, then you may not receive what you could have.

There is also the aspect of unequal energy exchange and entitlement that many are working through. When you believe that the universe owes you something because of the suffering and experiences you have been through, you often do not receive with that mentality. That attitude creates negative energy and you are projecting victim/lack energy which will not attract abundance energy. You do have to put energy out there to get it back. The more you give, the more you will receive. Sometimes this is not instantaneous, but once you have given enough and put enough energy out there, that is for the benefit for the collective and has intentions of love, then you will start to receive it back. Then you will receive even more from there. If you are not receiving, than take a look at what you are giving and how you are giving it. Make adjustments until you do find the energy is coming back to you in the way that is supportive. Give more, have more faith, and give gratitude consistently for what you already have. Then see how quickly that changes for you.

Setting time aside to receive and asking to receive will also help this process. Meditate and say “I am ready to receive for my highest good at this time.” Visualize/Feel the energies coming into you. This may be downloads, activations, codes, love, and whatever else you are ready for at that moment. When you specifically clear your mind and put yourself in a clear state to receive, a lot more can be given.

There is confusion when fires, hurricanes, & unnatural events happen. Many ask “Why did this happen? Why was this allowed to happen? Why isn’t anything being done to help with this?” Some recent examples of this (the unnatural ones) are the Dakota Pipeline, the water issue in Flint, Michigan, and the red tide that is still happening in Siesta Key, Florida. There are many other incidents all around the world that have happened or are happening now. These incidents serve a divine purpose and most of it is to spread awareness and get those residents to shift their perspective and energy. When you are put in a position that you can no longer continue to live or perceive things the way you were before, then inner change is imminent. People band together to create change, because they have to. They cannot sit around with blinders on and pretend they don’t see what is happening around them when these incidents occur. These shifts can put them on a different path, different career, different geographical location, different approach to living, that is more in alignment with what their purpose is. There are many other unique lessons to individuals that experience these events as well. If you wish to help, send love to these places. Visualize and see the change necessary in the collective conscious to shift what has happened for the better. The more that do this, the easier that reality will be to create.

Many of you have been doing a lot of inner work and energetic work. Although these changes happen instantly in the quantum and energy level, they can take some time to integrate into the physical for you. There are many of you that have been able to get your energies much more advanced than your physical bodies. You tap into, download, and anchor higher dimensional energy and information, but your physical body is still playing catch up. It will catch up eventually and you will still be seeing the work you have put in continue to integrate with positive results and support.

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