Is There A Chance He Is Thinking About Me Telepathically?

by Conscious Reminder

Every time when we are obsessed with the thought of someone, we are connecting with that person. When we think of every single thing, regarding frequencies and waves, we will have the ability to comprehend telepathy much better.

When we think about someone, we are emanating the waves that a specific frequency from our brain possesses. Such waves may spread to longer distances, or touch other lives, and even carry emotions or do a lot more. There are endless possibilities.

When we have an intensified thought about a person, there is actually the possibility that our concerns and ideas about her or him are quite well received on the opposite end. This is the reason for the great importance of telepathy. Telepathy doesn’t care about time and space constraints, but it has limitless reach.

For example, our lover may endorse herself or himself in a room which is isolated, but our mind will still discover some way of reaching out to her or him.

With the help of the waves of our mind, we may disseminate lover or diffuse some ideas into the mind of someone else. This is the reason for the changes in our mood which sometimes occur, and we get hit by waves of happiness or sadness all of a sudden. Although we may not understand why this happens, the simple explanation will be because of telepathy.

Signs that someone thinks about us.

Experiencing the next signs means that someone thinks of us. When we don’t have the ability to anticipate one single thought, it means that someone does his work.

All of a sudden, while we are reading some book or lounging, we will feel like someone gave us a hug or kiss telepathically, and we will also feel warmth and fuzziness inside us.

When we sense that there is a foreign and strange feeling inside us, even when we feel that it does not come from our brain, we are probably under the telepathic spell of someone.

When affirming if someone thinks about us or not, environmental triggers can be quite crucial.

However, when we visit some place in which we made memories with someone, this place is going to evoke specific emotions or paints the mental image of the person inside of our mind, and that is not called telepathic connection, but our surroundings stimulate such thoughts.

But, when we feel absorbed in the thought of someone, while there is no environmental stimulator, it means that he or she tries to establish a connection with us.

Another telepathy indicator is time spans. When we find ourselves thinking about someone two or three times during the day, or more, this means that that person craves our presence and they cannot help but love us telepathically.

When that telepathic connection is unbelievably strong, that person can also stimulate some sexual feelings inside us.

So, if you are asking yourself if he thinks about you, you have the answers above.

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