Is YOUR Inner Child Guiding Your Life Choices?

Is YOUR Inner Child Guiding Your Life Choices?


Let’s talk about healing your inner child.

If I’ve learned one thing from being an emotional therapist over the years, it’s that the inner child calls the shots – always. (if this is YOUR experience – don’t worry, in our FREE masterclass here, we’ll show you how to heal it!)

They make all the decisions and they guide your choices – whether you’re aware of it or not. In fact, that’s why the most commonly asked question in my sessions with clients has always been, ‘When was the first time you remember feeling that way?’ Sure enough, we ALWAYS find an issue from childhood that is the root cause of the current problem.

From the ages of 0 – 7, in any situation, we make assumptions about the world based on our experiences. So, if Mum drops us off for our first day of school and we see her leaving, in our tearful state, we could come to the faulty assumption, ‘I always get abandoned.’ It’s not accurate, but it sticks, and so we live our lives from that moment on, collecting more proof of this faulty belief, which adds to the negative energy and ultimately creates a pattern of abandonment that we’ll continually attract into our lives as the Universe mirrors our internal belief.

It’s the same for ANY aspect of our lives. Whatever we decided as children ultimately becomes an energetic blueprint for life. Consider some of the most upsetting themes in your life and think back to the first time you can remember feeling that way and you’ll see that it was created back in childhood.

The biggest problem with this is that the wounded child is still in the driver’s seat. They are the voice inside that causes you to avoid a healthy relationship, or the nervous feeling that keeps you stuck in a rut, unable to move forward, or the voice that says, ‘Oh, I can’t do that – I’ve never been good at sports/ math/ public speaking,’ etc.

It’s not that the inner child is TRYING to hold us back, it’s just that they are so caught up in the pain of all of these moments that they’ll base all of their choices and decisions on the pain that they feel in order to steer you away from experiencing more pain. So, in effect, a 5 year old may be in control of your life and its currently trajectory. Gah.

But how can we break free of this? We need to heal the inner child. We need to comfort and console them in a gentle way to help them feel safe and secure once more. When we do, not only do we finally feel safe, self assured and confident within – experiencing vital maturation of the psyche – but we release the negative energies that are continually drawing these negative patterns into our lives to make room for the new as well.


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