Journey Through the Heart; Tap into your Unconditional love, Limitless Abundance and Timeless Dreams

Love by Association

Glands and other bodily functions like the thymus gland which regulates the immune system are part of the realm Heart chakra – Anahata.

Naturally there is a deeper psychological meaning to the blockages that you carry through out all the chakras. Your body and mind have a story to tell you that can guide your being to where the true healing is needed in order to take place. These are considered the manifestations of ego, or pain-body conditioning, a term that Echhart Tolle very intuitively explains in his book ‘A New Earth’.

Love for oneself and others

How do you relate to your surroundings and the people within it? How do you feel in, around and about the relationships you hold on to dearly and how do you externally express it? Where is and what can you find in your capacity of compassion? How deep can you hold your empathy for the ones around and about in your life? Can you reach the center of awareness and integrate powerful insight to forgiveness, acceptance, transformation, change and finally the ability to grieve and reach peace without and within?

Essential Element in any relationship whether with others or with oneself.

When your heart is imbalanced you can become overly defensive, closed down, excessive isolation, being recluse and antisocial. You can also experience fear of intimacy or even codependency which means relying solely on others approval or attention. Codependency manifests role play addictions such as being a savior, rescuer or victim for the purpose of holding grudges and or not being able to forgive. As long as you hold onto deep grudges and resentments, respiratory ailments, lung infections, bronchitis, circularity and heart related issues can arise. When your heart is blocked or hindered, you may experience Heart chakra pain. allow your self to love and nurture the heart to let more energy fill the anahata space. Allow the upper and lower chakras to align them selves. Trust your body to know what to do and trust in your being to be able to walk the story of you. Love your story and your scars and your pain. Remind yourself that you were brought here in this life for a reason. you are never given more than you can handle.

As you grow with your inner tree; from root, trunk, branches to beautiful leaves, know this is your love and your true intention. Live life and Love with laughter. Be who you are intended to be.

Help with Balance

Take some extra time to be with your heart chakra. There are so many levels to integrate and synchronize here such as the upper/lower chakras, energy entities, ego entities and so on.

Work with the breath. Observe your breath, play with it by exercising the different rhythms of breathing and how it helps bring good oxygen into your body and releases the things that no longer serve you and your body.

Cultivate an appreciation to beauty. Find your true connection with nature, people and art, poetry and so on. We are all unique and find beauty in different ways. Find and envelope yourself with the things that activate your appreciation for life.

Practice self love and appreciation. Love your body from head to toe. Cultivate self  compassion and acceptance. Your body is your own story of life. No one else carries the burdens and happiness of you and like you.

Engage with activities that feed your heart. I personally enjoy writing these journals and learning about the power of energy and self healing. This journey fills me will security, joy, choices, trust and belief.

Focus on receiving if you are a natural giver. Focus on giving if you are receiving all the time.

Reflect on old inherent wounds from family relationships and come to terms with compassion, empathy and understanding of the greater power of the universe. Remember you are never given more than you can bare.

Practice deep forgiveness within your heart. revisit past romantic relationships in the timeless. Use that forgiving energy to heal your mind, body and soul.

Understand the symptoms of energy shifts within yourself. They come out of your body and need to be recognized as a cleansing process and nothing to be feared of. All the symptoms here are not just resinated in the Heart, but all throughout each chakra. It is important to remember the syncretism of the heart with the upper and lower chakra energies and how they effect your heart at many different levels.

  • Headaches; Part of the crown chakra opening and expanding. Ask your spirit to adjust the energy flow, use herbs and oils and racks to help endure the headaches.
  • Flu like symptoms; Herbs and oils help with this
  • Nausea and bowel issues; Part of the solar plex chakra. They are karmic and family issues producing gas. Bach flower recipes help
  • Muscle aches and joint pain; When blockage impedes the new energy flow, the force slams into them causing these symptoms.
  • Depression; This is a frequency that forces any illness, virus, infection that is hiding in the body to come up to the surface. Be Aware and listen to the root of the problem. Examine your beliefs and decisions.  St John’s wart helps.
  • Cry for no reason; Feeling emotionally vulnerable. Part of the ‘Photon Belt Energy’.   Bach flower remedies and essential oils help.
  • Hot flashes and sweats; Soy foods, flaxseeds, yoga and adrenal exercise help.
  • Extreme tiredness; remedies and relaxing helps with the flow. This feeling will pass in time (days, weeks months, years). drink pure water, light meals with vegetables. Bach remedies, flower essence, essential oils help with this transition.
  • Excessive energy; Part of the ‘photon belt energy’. to help assimilate the energy you can quietly read a book or watch TV, listen to meditation. This may occur nightly for some time.
  • Weight gain/loss; Light workers needs more water. The body fat is moving and evenly distributing around every cell within the embodiment.
  • Losing memory and feeling spacey;  you are changing some left brain functions to right brain functions. You will find it hard to speak sometimes like the words coming out all jumbled. There is no time limit on this.
  • Extreme sensitivities; To people, smells, tastes, noise and so on meaning it is effecting your central nervous systems. Vitamin B and other multivitamins help.
  • Blowing Bulbs and electronics; This is a high vibration rate. Grounding mats and comforters can help with this.
  • Animal reactions; You will find that cats and dogs will be frightened or attracted to you.

Food changes; Let it happen and explore with flavors and enjoy.

The three things that are being shifted during this time with the Heart chakra is;

  • Your vibratory cellular rates; you are reaching a specific cell vibration rate. Cells creating more like minded cells.
  • Freeing yourself from old patterns; alignment of your attitudes and body.
  • Life force; Your vitality, presence, awareness, and energy is growing.
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