Karma 101 – How To Clear Bad Karma & Harness Its Positive Power In Your Life Instead!


Karma 101 – How To Clear Bad Karma & Harness Its Positive Power In Your Life Instead!

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What Is Karma?

Karma originates from Bhuddism and literally means ‘action’. Its the natural law of cause and effect and the balance in our Universe. Much like the laws of nature or gravity, you don’t need to believe in them in order to utilize their power – they just are. You will likely be familiar with the term whether you follow the Buddhist faith or not, but its not necessary to follow any particular religion in order to harness karma in a beneficial way in your life. Karma will balance the sum of your actions from this and your previous lifetimes to determine whether you draw more positive or negative situations, people and things into your life.

Put simply, what goes around, comes around.

Its the law of cause and effect but its also a very powerful tool for learning here on the Earth plane. We’d hate to admit it, but pain is one of the greatest teachers available to us. Pain imprints. Pain impacts. Pain tells us even as little children not to touch a burning flame, because it HURTS and in doing so, programs us to avoid these potential dangers in future too. Karma works in a similar way by constantly showing us the results of our actions (or inactions) but contrary to common beliefs, its not always an instant feedback loop. Sometimes this feedback energy accumulates and becomes stagnant within our auric field, causing us to feel stuck in life, prone to bad luck, or experiencing cycles of repetitive painful or frustrating patterns.


But I’m Not A Saint! Should I Be Worried?!

No, there’s no need to be worried. You are creating karma in every moment and interaction of your daily life (and so is everyone else) creating a mass of weaving positive and negative overlapping and intertwining cause and effect. Its literally impossible to live so ‘perfectly’ that you wont create any negative karma at all (and that would defeat the purpose of learning here on the Earth plane anyway) but don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to be punished for your mistakes. The Universe knows that you are here to LEARN. It does not expect you to be perfect, or to be a saint for that matter. Instead, karma ensures perfect balance in the Universe and a fuller learning experience for us by making sure we UNDERSTAND and learn COMPASSION for ourselves and others through experience. Sometimes it takes the opportunity to walk in another man’s shoes for us to soften, understand and ultimately forgive.

You don’t need to be Mother Theresa in order to cultivate this positive force. You just need to be true to YOU. Simply by focusing on ‘good vibes’ and living with consideration and kindness to other living beings, you can align with higher frequencies and live a happier life.


Is Karma Good Or Bad?

In truth, its neither. Karma generally means balance, so it isn’t good or bad, its simply the balancing of energies. For example, if you have conducted behaviours which have negatively impacted another being, you will draw a similar experience to your life in order to understand the cause of that behaviour and the impact of those actions.

To make it more simple to understand, karma can be considered just as two differing polarities of positive and negative energy.

POSITIVE KARMA: Speaking positive words, holding a healthy mindset, being generous or caring to others (and yourself).

NEGATIVE KARMA: Speaking negative words and holding a pessimistic mindset, being abusive, negligent or hurtful towards others (or yourself).

In order to really harness karma in the most beneficial way, you want to focus on creating more of the positive energy in your life, rather than the negative. Much like you are the Creator of your own Universe, karma teaches us that we can be the Creators of our own happiness too. In doing good deeds, thinking good thoughts, and simply aiming to take responsibility with humility to rectify any negativity we may have caused, we can shore up the positive and tip the balance of those scales in a more favourable way.

Its important to note that you will never be perfect. You’ll also never only have positive karma either. The balance of both of these polarities is natural, but where possible we’d like to do whatever we can to resonate with higher vibrational energies to tip the scales in our favour.


How Does Karma Benefit Our Spiritual Growth?

Karma is a continual feedback loop from the Universe that consistently guides us in our actions by showing us the law of cause and effect. By helping us to understand the result of our actions, we continually become more aware, wise and compassionate. Karma brings us to full self awareness so that we can live with kindness. It teaches us to be very responsible and is ultimately the pathway to embodying the higher, ascended master aspect of ourselves. Only through being fully aware, developing a deep care for how we affect others, and being experienced enough to know the impact our actions will have do we reach full maturation of the soul in self control, centeredness, awareness and kindness.

We are always aiming to grow towards this goal, and we’ll help our soul get there much more quickly and easily by actively looking for and receiving the guidance that karma constantly reflects for us.


How Fast Is Karma Created?

Karma also means lessons. And sometimes our lessons cannot be learned in this lifetime alone. Many of the experiences we are having right now are the result of past life karma and therefore lessons from the past that need to be acknowledged. Many people are afraid that they have done something terrible in a past life that will cause suffering for them now – or that they are being punished for their past actions. I personally have found throughout years of working with clients that past life karma is actually almost always due to unreleased emotion, trauma, anger, guilt, fear or sadness. The result of our actions is important, yes, but what is most important is how we INTERNALIZE our experience; the emotions, feelings and thoughts and how we hold onto it within ourselves, unwilling to let go – that is the real karma that needs to be released in order for us to be truly free. The worst karma can often be the pain and suffering we inflict on ourselves.

It can be cleared simply and easily by processing the emotions from those experiences. Be willing to look at your past. Be open to accepting the choices you’ve made that may not align with your value system, and the direction that it has led you to. Know that you are ALWAYS learning and treat yourself with gentle compassion and understanding, viewing your past free of judgment where possible and actively using it to lead you into a much brighter future. Use karma as your spirit guide to lead you toward your greatest self and your most fulfilling life.


Want Some Help With That?

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Karma Cleansing Meditation

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What Is It?

  • Think of it like a cross between an intuitive energy healing session and a relaxing guided meditation.
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