Kuan Yin Pink Flowers Meditation Technique

There has been a lot of this rose energy and flower energy coming in lately. Many are saying it’s the rose energy associated with Mary Magdeline energies. I haven’t felt particularly connected to that energy, so it came in a different way for me.

What I’ve done is connect to Kuan Yin and then see her in a temple or flower garden or something like that. Pink flowers are everywhere. Then ask that Kuan Yin bring in that energy for you and visualize/put intent that pink flower petals are coming down from above and coming down into your chakras, auric field, and energy systems. It’s more of a soft, gentle, nurturing energy than an intense one. It feels great and helps integrate that feminine energy and the healing of the flowers.

Whenever I call Kuan Yin in I always see her pink dragon too. To me her pink dragon is really funny with a strong playful personality. An additional thing you can do is to ask that her pink dragon blow a dragon breath on you and you can visualize that pink flame dragon energy coming into your fields. That energy is a bit more of the strong/intense kind, but still very loving and feminine.




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