Leaving Fear Frequency Behind

The thing about the Matrix is
You don’t know you’re in it
Until you get out of it.
The illusion is the illusion.
A big part of what keeps the 3D False Matrix in place is FEAR.
Fear is the grandest illusion of all
For what is there to fear when you cannot be destroyed?
Stepping out of the fear frequency is as simple as realizing you are in it, and then simply choosing not to be.
Thats it.
Its a frequency.
As divine creators we always have a choice.
Because of the gift of free will, we get to choose whatever timelines and frequencies we wish to reside on.
Yes, you can leave fear far behind
All you have to do is choose too.

Namaste Divine Creators

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About the author: Angelic Arcturian Messages Angela Simmons

I am a 9th Dimensional Angelic Arcturian Starseed here to transmit my frequency to the beings upon Gaia and share messages of love and healing.
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