Legacy of Deep Truth

Weekly Energy and Affirmation Reading: Legacy of Deep Truth
  • “Divine Light, heal, purify, and regenerate.” Inna Segal
  • “With every breath I take, my faith in myself and the Divine is renewed. I am ready to receive the highest love and abundance from the universe.” Inna Segal
  • “I am open to receiving the support, guidance, protection and assistance that I need to manifest the legacy of light that shines through me now. I release any conscious or unconscious attachment to beliefs or relationship patterns that hold me back from fully shining my light in the world.” Alana Fairchild
  • “I Seek Truth, Wisdom and Heart – Aligned Helpfulness In Every Belief I Choose to Cultivate.” Alana Fairchild
Inner visions, swift timing is upon us now. Are you afraid to make a decision? Do you think one way but feel another? Balance patience with action but trust in your intuition to breaking the deep attachments that no longer serve. Converse with your head and heart. Dive deep with the emotions and pursue the deeper meanings of life’s challenges.
Allow the sapphire light to help regenerate the voids left swelling within you. Feel their healing light balancing your emotions through the experiences seeking you. Lilac rays are also here to renew your faith opening your third eye and crown to nurturing possibilities. Bathe in receiving truth and the abundance of love and understanding.
The legacy of light holds deep truth of the unconditional loving support that exists for you, every day. You may doubt your goodness at times – being human does mean there will be dark moments on route – This legacy of Light affirms you are coming from love, with pure intention of living life and is doing your best in the circumstance in which you find yourself in.
Grandmother reminds us that to be human is to know the sea; the deep well of ancestral grief, to know that this time of severed lineages makes us all yearn for belonging and to trust, when all else seems to be folly. It is ok to feel the well of emotions, but just be sure to find the anchor that holds you steady on this life’s plane.
Hold patient, steady, balanced and strong; Legacy of Deep truth assist you now.
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