Lifting The Veil & Your Consciousness

When God said, “The Light (of Christ) will help you see through the mask,” (see previous video) I knew He spoke in the sense of Spirit and His kingdom, for He speaks in symbolism and code and asks that you LEARN.  I wanted to, first, help you see from the human perspective of what the mask meant.

So since God has opened the door for me, lets chit chat about the “mask,” or in Gods perspective, the “veil.”

The mask or veil is an obstruction. It’s thick to the point that you can’t access what’s there.

There are many veils that exist; within the mind, within the heart, within dimensions, within Kingdoms.

There’s limited information, limited emotions, limited abilities, limited Self, limited God.

If you are unable to penatrate through the veil within your own reality based upon limited beliefs and consciousness, you won’t gain access to a higher state of consciousness, Gods Kingdom or Your True Divinity for that matter.

You can’t see through the veil, the masks, the falsehoods, the lies, the deceit, the crime, a cause, or who you truly are, as a result.

It’s only through expanding on our perception(s), our consciousness, and the opening of our heart, can we do that.

The veil works best with ego, fear, control, separation, limitations, blame, illness, disbelief.

The veil is lifted when beliefs increase, the mind expands, and the heart opens.

The senses will then begin to pick up on what once was not noticed. The veil is lifted. You are connected. And You are Free.

How far you expand, is based upon your willingness to let go of, heal from, trust in, and believe ……..

👉 The greatest cover-up known to Man is the human consciousness. Supress consciousness, suppress the heart, suppress the Spirit, suppress Mans ability to health, suppress Mans true capabilities 👈

More is being spoken here than you realize. It’s not about health, death, covering up your face, separating the people, it’s about the complete takeover of the Spirit in all.

We have been in a great awakening. I spoke, even last year, as God revealed, 2020 is a major wake-up call for humanity.

God spoke the other day, “believe to receive” and that takes changing your mind, your heart, your words, your actions and you shall be set free from suppression and the “Veil” will be lifted.

Much Love, health and healing, Christy.

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✨ Please note that I am not a medical doctor. If you feel that what you’re experiencing needs medical attention, please seek it. My videos are for information purposes only that pertains to the awakening process and are purely my thoughts and experiences.

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Lifting The Veil & Your Mindset

When God said, “The Light (of Christ) will help you see through the mask,” (see previous video) I knew He spoke in the sense of Spirit and His kingdom, for H…

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