Lightworkers & Ascension – Why you go through ascension

Many people experience strong ascension symptoms through the past few years, and especially the past few months. Those symptoms might have affected you in many ways and you try to make reason with it all. Why is this happening to you? Is everyone going to ascend and go through similar symptoms? What does it mean ‘to ascend’?

The following is a channeled article from Divine beings to help you understand your path through the ascension, and most importantly what it means to be a lightworker.


The fall of the Earth

“Many, many years ago, the world you know now as ‘earth’ was created, as a plane of existence for many souls to incarnate and inhibit physical bodies. Through the process of living with a physical vessel a soul learns and expands. Through time, the souls who inhabited physical bodies made different choices, and their experiences changed. The more those souls in human bodies started to see through the eyes of the ego, so fear, jealousy, lack, misery increased, and thus the more of a downfall the world experienced; so much so, that the earth could no longer sustain the high vibrational nature that was originally created to withstand. Slowly, more and more souls lost their way, forgotten their true nature and gifts, and more and more the earth furthered from the light.


What is a lightworker

There have always been those souls who inhibited human bodies with the intention of helping the earth, and all lost souls, reach their true light and higher potential. And so those souls have chosen to return on earth time and time again to share their own light and spread it forward. Those are special souls, with increased light and radiance, who went through their own transformations and activations and higher teachings to prepare them to hold their higher frequency while on this dense earth. Those souls, we will call them ‘lightworkers’, have agreed to return to earth NOW, one last time and bring with them most of their soul radiance that will help the earth make the final ‘jump’ higher, the final rise towards lightness, love, oneness.

However, that soul radiance that they have agreed to bring on earth, was not able to be anchored in its full light years ago, as the density was still strong on earth. those souls will bring in their full soul radiance in stages t as the earth rise little by little. Then, more of their light, gifts and abilities could join them into their current life experience and vessel.


A lightworker’s soul progression

Through many reincarnations before, these Lightworker souls have stored light each time they inhabited a human body. This previous work they have done through millions of years prior, finally became enough for the earth to begin to rise, and increase in its frequency.

Each big energy event that occurs, as those lightworkers inhibit their current physical bodies, the earth allows light radiance from all around to join it, so they go through their own transformation to bring back their higher frequency and radiance. In preparation for this personal ascension, those Lightworkers, had to release and clear many old wounds, fears and limitations that their vessel carried over previous human reincarnations as many of those existed into the cells, and even in their way of behavior. Each energy wave and light influx helped them to shed the past, to release the old and outdated and to prepare for that increased light that they can call forward onto the earth plane during their current reincarnation.


Ascension symptoms and Lightworkers

These lightworker souls, have prepared, and they have agreed for that soul radiance to return now on earth, so that they can experience once again ‘heaven on earth’ once again.  Thus, more of their soul radiance begins to stream back to them. Once their vessel is ready, once the soul has prepared the body and the mind, the influxes from the sun, from the stars, from the surrounding planets prepare their bodies to receive more of that radiance. And so more and more of it begins to return, because they are not ‘normal’ souls, they are very powerful, and they hold so much radiance and light and thus once that begins to return and merge with the rest, a plethora of experiences, and symptoms take place.

Never before this time on current earth, could a soul hold more aspects of their light while on a physical plane. This earth however, is no longer the same, it has begun to transform and can allow more of their radiance to exist.


Lightworker’s power spread forward

So, as more of those souls increase their radiance, the light that they carry, the gifts that awaken spread forward, and outward. The light moves to the people that they meet and see with their eyes, it moves through with their touch, through their words, through their presence and every single thing they do. And so it anchors onto the trees, the flowers, the people around, the animals and in the earth. (- – This is the stage that you are on now, you receive the aspects of your soul and you share light forward. )

All the teachings, knowledge and activations that you went through in preparation for this phase lifetimes priors and while in spirit, returns to you now, with each light radiance that you receive (from eclipses, energy portals, solar storms, moon cycles, solicited, etc.). And with those more gifts unlock, knowledge is remembered, and more light, power and radiance anchor to you. You become ‘crystalline’, because you possess true high-frequency light.


The people who are not ascending

The people that are met with those Lightworkers receive those activations themselves, their soul ‘awakens’, ‘activates’. Lightworkers become the initiator for many people’s ascension and expansion. But each soul’s journey is not the same. Those souls who have not yet awakened, make their own choices and interactions and they are free to make their own decisions in regards to how much light they choose to hold. If they are inspired and listen to their soul’s calling they are given the chance to ascend more. If their soul is pure, yes they will go through their own initiations and activations to inhabit more of their soul radiance. It will become easier for others who follow the LIghtworker’s to awaken; simply because the light that shines from those high vibrational souls, is already anchored so it’s more easily accessible to others. For this many, many more will awaken as the frequency on earth is lighter, less dense, they can more easily find their way to the higher frequencies and choices. There will be a natural upheaval for many souls’ expansion. Think of it like the gravity on earth changes. It will affect everyone on it and they will begin to react, behave and think differently. If however those who resist and persist will no longer be a match to the increased frequency, they will have to move on from that vessel as they won’t be able to function properly. Can someone insist to walk while gravity doesn’t exist? Similarly, the frequency changes, so everyone on the earth should function appropriately.


Lightworker who read this now, the work that you are doing is marvelous and so very precious. Even if you are not aware of the reason of the struggle and density you experienced through the months, or through your journey prior, now you know. You are a special kind of soul, powerful and very wise. Give time to yourself to return to that complete radiant aspect of you. Everything has in fact speed up as the entire world is shifting quickly. There’s no going back, there’s only higher.”


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