Master Numerology Number 11 – Traits and Purpose of Life

Numerology number 11 is the first of the master numbers. A Master Number is a strong number with a powerful vibration.

There are four main components of a numerology forecast. Are your life path, expression, Soul Urge numbers and karmic. Any one of these can be a Master Number.

A little context:

Master numbers are as powerful because they are not “reduced” as cardinal numbers 1-9. (More on this later.)

They’re like a strong French toast, while the other numbers are more of a” Morning Mix.”.. still AWESOME, but not as bold.

Number of Master 11 Energy

Your Challenge as an 11

As numerology number 11, you tend to be everywhere. Therefore, the challenge of your life will be to find balance in everything you do.

Here’s why this can be a struggle:

The numerology number 11 is a mixture of numerology numbers 1 and 2, but stronger. In other words, he gets his” roots ” from numbers 1 and 2, just as a child gets his traits from his parents.

The need for balance is because these root numbers are completely opposite, take a look:

Number 1 Energy

An intense and masculine warrior energy that is very self-centered (drive, ambition). Master Number 11 has the power of number one times two.

Number 2 Energy

A softer and feminine energy that is very focused on the non-self (putting others first, etc.) and is okay with staying in the background.

Note: Although we do not reduce master numbers in numerology, if we reduce an 11, it would look like this: 1+1=2. So that’s where that “2” energy comes from.

If you think your Master Number is 11, confirm it using this tool:

As Master Number 11, you can feel divided between the external (non-i) and the Inner (I).

This is because their “foundation” numbers 1 and 2 (The Breast and potato numbers) are completely opposite … and there lies the feeling of being unbalanced.

How to Know That Your Energy 11 is Balanced

When your 11 number 11 Energy is in balance, you will feel so good. You can also feel:

  • open and intuitive
  • sensitive and patient
  • inspired and creative
  • how can you do anything
  • that problems are easy to solve
  • decisions are easy to take
  • detail oriented-nothing goes beyond you

How to Know That Your Energy 11 is Unbalanced

When your Master’s energy is unbalanced, look at the world! You may feel like a big old grumpy pants or:

  • OMG everyone sucks and life isn’t fair, so why try?!
  • overwhelmed
  • unripe
  • you have a lot of trouble making decisions – should I paint my walls light beige or beige… IDK!
  • needy
  • more sensitive than usual
  • addictive

Numerology Number 11 Strokes

Spiritual Perspectives

The number Numerology 11 is the most intuitive of all numbers and is easy for 11 to “get your psychic on.”

This number also symbolizes the potential to attain the highest spiritual knowledge.

The 11 are empathetic and sensitive to vibrations in their environment, specifically other people’s energy.

Plus, the 11 are very charismatic. Because of this, and your keen sense of intuition, people come to you if you’re an 11.


It can be difficult for a number 11 Numerology. Everyone loves you and wants to be close to you, but deep down, you just want to be left alone. You’re a real introvert.

You need a lot of time to dream and think about how you can actually manifest those dreams.

You’re like that statue, “The Thinker” … and some of your favorite subjects are metaphysics and religion.

You’re always thinking, and people want you to understand what’s going on in your head. (Spoiler alert: they can’t.)

You are Spiritual

It is not unusual for an 11 to dip his fingers into different religious and spiritual cultures.

11 tend to take “a little of this” and “a little of that” from different belief systems and throw away the rest. In a way, they come with their own belief system … one that makes you feel more connected to a divine purpose.

Sure, he’s considered eclectic, but who cares? You are willing to test all kinds of esoteric spiritual systems to see how they work.

You’re a pretty damn fascinating guy with lots and lots to teach people ?

Summary of Master’s 11 personality traits

  • Psychic
  • Empathetic
  • Charismatic
  • Spiritual
  • Introverted
  • Inspiring
  • Loving
  • Creative
  • Dreamer
  • Sensitive
  • Imaginative

Your Life Purpose

Ah, the million dollar question … what is my purpose? Why am I here?

Those with number 11 numerology are here to inspire others to find their spiritual path.

That doesn’t mean you have to be a guru or meditate on a satin robe. You can be an accountant or a scientist and still inspire others.

You are in this life to help mankind heal through spiritual consciousness. The best part is that you don’t have to do anything fancy!

Simply being you, you are planting seeds of love and inspiration wherever you go!

You Like to Help

Those with number 11 Numerology like helping people.
You are a passionate and compassionate teacher who assumes that role in various ways, not necessarily in formal education … more through inspiration.

Its intuitive and sensitive nature leads to incredible creativity. I LOVE to create, dream and manifest!

You Like to Help

You Hate the Grind

Let’s call a shovel a shovel. Hate:

  • grind
  • obligation
  • limitation
  • and doing the same meaningless things over and over again.

If your work is monotonous, it will be a struggle to get out of bed and go to work every day … He’d rather have a root canal!

As numerology number 11, you want to be free to create and think! That’s where you shine!

Dealing with Anxiety

Like a number 11 Numerology, its high voltage and needs an output for its intense energy. If you don’t pull out this excess energy, you’ll start feeling overwhelmed and cranky.

To help himself, go for a run, do some volunteer work, or organize his cabinets … anything to help use the excess energy.

Avoid Drama

Conflict? Drama? No, thank you! It causes him great emotional and physical discomfort. No matter how small, conflict can make you feel exhausted and depressed.

You may even find it easier to “give in” rather than stand firm. More than anything, those with Master Number 11 want to enjoy a peaceful and productive existence!

At the Height of Its Potential

Living life as a numerology number 11 is very much like learning to bake a soufflé … it takes time, practice, and patience for “teacher.However, don’t worry, most of the 11 discover. ?

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