Mercury Retrograde Numerology Interview

Mercury Retrograde Numerology and Astrology Interview

October 31 – November 20, 2019

with astrology practitioner Maria Luisa Ruiz and numerologist, Greer Jonas

mercury retrograde numerology and astrology interview

This fall, Mercury goes retrograde from October 31 to November 20, 2019 . From a numerology standpoint, November is the month of the master 11.

Mercury Retrograde numerology shows in November the master number 11. In mastery, 11 influences divine inspiration and new beginnings.  We can reach out into the unknown with our intuitive ideas and inspirations. Taking the challenge, we can make an impact on our lives and others. It is a time to act, perhaps by taking chances or connecting with people that were previously a challenge to you.

I thought, how interesting it would be to have an Astrology and Numerology Mercury Retrograde interview for November. What kind of impact will Mercury have on us? I asked Astrology practitioner Maria-Luisa Ruiz to tell us more.

According to Maria-Luisa, during this Mercury Retrograde, we connect with our deep emotions. It is a time to reflect. Being in the water sign of Scorpio, we can collect information more on an emotional level than cerebral.

It is also a period of revealing our secrets, a moment to connect to what we really desire, how we want to spend money, etc. How interesting that November 4 is also a voting period.

Enjoy the interview. Feel free to comment or send questions and one of us will get back to you.

Many blessings,


Greer Jonas ~

Maria-Luisa Ruiz ~

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