Message From My Soul About Spirituality, Gifts, & Abilities

Inside one of my sacred spaces, a pool of water, a pool of knowledge was there. I took a coin and threw it into the pool. A huge blue dragon neck and head emerged from below the water.

You are here asking yourself a question, within you, I am you. Your dragon form. There are many obstacles you placed for yourself within your own life path and spiritual evolution. You wanted more of a challenge with your life. Many of the obstacles you placed have been overcome now. Your doubt that comes up creates new obstacles and blockages. When you can release these and stay in a positive thought pattern, you open yourself up and your abilities to be “tuned in” without much effort. This is when you know things immediately and are in what is referred to as your vortex. Where you attract the answers and the manifestations to you and find them within yourself with ease.

The questions in the group that were asked around placement in spirituality, abilities, and being on the right path are all great questions, ones in which you still ask yourself. The simplest answer to the question of “where am I spiritually?” is “Exactly where you are supposed to be in this moment.” You could ask many different beings and people with their gifts tuned in, that question, and you will get different answers depending on how they view spirituality and where you are. And sometimes the answers will be from them looking at your energy and saying where they think you should be.

The better questions are “Where do you want to be spirituality?” “Where do you think you are right now with your progress?” “What feels like a blockage within yourself from going forward?”

When you have a clear indication of what your goals are, then you align yourself to that reality. When you align yourself to that reality you will then receive nudges and guidance through numerous ways to get there. Ask your own soul and spirit guides for help in achieving this. Ask frequently to be taught and guided to what you need to be and then be open to the signs. But in order to move forward into the next evolution you often have to do something different. Whether that be shifting a perspective or going outside of what your comfort zone is now, in order to get the experience that you need in order to continue the growth. You can come up with an infinite amount of justifications and excuses not to do something and it’s quite easy to ignore and put blinders on to the thoughts and signs that do present themselves. When you get yourself out of that and just start doing the inner work and exploration that is when the magic happens.

What do I need to do to level up? How can I expand from here? There’s always more expansion and another level to go. And this is done through the inner realms with the imagination. Build a sacred space within yourself, go to it often, connect, and have interactions. Have conversations with yourself. See what thoughts come and what knowledge comes.

Each person created their life plans differently. Some will have spontaneous 3rd eye awakening without much effort at all. Others set it up to go through years of learning, developing, and receiving activations in pieces as they continue to do the inner healing work, in order to get their gifts to the levels they wish them to be at. And everything in between. When you continue to do more of your own healing, then more of your own consciousness is able to be held by you. More of the higher self embodiment comes into play. And more of your gifts manifest and show themselves. One of the biggest blockages with gifts is thinking yours is like someone else’s or that you want yours to be like someone else’s gifts. This creates a blockage because you do not learn how yours works. Each person works with spirit in their own unique way. Let go of how someone else is doing it and find your own way. When you can let go of how you think it should be then you open yourself up for more awareness of the gifts you have and using. You develop the gifts by practice and with intentional focused effort. By putting yourself out there and pushing past the fear of being judged or being wrong.

Leaps of faith are often rewarded.


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