Message From The Divine About The Event

I was guided to write this and let you know some information about The Event, what it is and when it will happen.

The Event will occur in around five and half years. The Event is the magnetic poles switching places and this will result in the New Earth being transformed into a higher vibrational earth. We are going on this kundalini awakening journey so that we will survive the event and be on the New Earth. Those that completely finish the journey in the next year, will be the leaders and the ascended earth masters of the New Earth. The ascended earth masters will be setting up and building systems for the collective and lightworkers that are here after The Event. To be on the New Earth and survive The Event you must have at least opened your heart chakra, anyone that hasn’t will not be able to survive the higher vibration of the New Earth.

You raise your vibration by healing. All past trauma and pain accumulated on your energy body has lowered your vibration. As you take this journey and heal your past trauma and issues that dead repressed energy is lifted off your energy body and your vibration rises in the process. This is the only way to permanently raise your vibration. Nothing outside or apart from you can do that. You do have energy coming to you that is pushing and helping you through the process, but you have to do the inner work along with the energy that is helping you. You have to face that trauma and pain and see through the illusions that come from it. Illusions in the present that are lies from your past that you were taught to believe about yourself. You have layers of energy on your energy body of repressed energy on top of your trauma or original wound. So you first have the original wound or experience that is from the trauma and on top of that layers of repressed memories, then repressed thoughts, and then repressed emotions. You work backwards to the original wound or trauma experience through the repressed emotions first, then thoughts, then memories, and then to the experience or trauma that created the original wound. You then purge this repressed energy from your energy body until you get to that original wound and heal it. This is a process and by the time you are done all your memory will be restored. I started out only remembering to about age ten and I can now remember until about age two.

You have to remember it to heal it. When you are finished your vibration will be fully restored to how high it was when you were born, we were all born high vibrational before all of that trauma and pain weighed our vibration down. Your illusions to see through are victim consciousness and poverty consciousness, these illusions are over your third eye and cause you to view your life in the present through a lie from the past.

As you heal and as we all heal together the farther and faster we are pushing the magnetic poles. You may have been reading about how the poles are moving faster and that is because we are healing and some of us have finished or about to. The higher we raise our personal vibration the more the magnetic poles move until they switch. This is how we all evolve. The ones that refuse the journey don’t evolve and science tells you what happens to a part of a species that doesn’t evolve. They will not be able to survive the higher vibration of the New Earth. The farther you are in your journey the easier it will be for you because the higher your vibration will be.

This journey is about healing the inner child or original wound that contains your past pain and trauma, energy is coming to you to help you do that, but if you refuse to do the inner work or are half-assing. Then you get stuck and don’t finish the journey. You have to see through the illusions of being a victim, victim consciousness and of having lack and loss, poverty consciousness.

  • If you completely finish the kundalini journey and your vibration has been completely restored in the next year, you become one of the 144,000 that are leaders and the ascended earth masters of the New Earth.
  • If you completely finish and rise to your full vibration in the next four and a half years, you become a lightworker that will work with the part of collective that survive The Event.
  • If you don’t finish but your heart chakra is open you are part of the collective.
  • If your heart chakra isn’t open at the time of The Event you haven’t evolved enough to survive.

Why must you be finished before The Event to be an ascended earth master or lightworker? Because you must know how to do this work to help the collective. You also have to be completely healed and free of triggers to help the collective as they cannot be able to trigger you. You have to be grounded, balanced, and healed at all times and this journey and completing it does that for you. Our job is to help the collective heal their inner child and if you haven’t healed yours, you don’t know how to help them heal theirs.

Chances are if you are reading this blog your heart chakra is definitely open so don’t worry. I was told to write this because there are some that are waiting on The Event and focusing on it so much that they are not progressing on their journey. Also to let you know the hierarchy of the New Earth, so you can decide where you want to be. Do you want to be an ascended earth master, a lightworker, or part of the collective? The choice is totally up to you and how much inner work and energy you put into you.



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