Message from Thuban White Dragons

We have a group of 72,000 starseed activations and walk-ins about to go “online” after 11-22.
72,000 group came in by 2004
Another 72,000 group came in by 2012
Another 72,000 group came in by Sep 2017
Now we have 72,000 more coming in/activating after November 22nd 2018. That’s 2 groups of 144,000.

This is to shut down the Orion group Draconian & Small Greys/Dows frequency grid and station points throughout the Milky Way Galaxy with the purpose of enslavement of all systems in this Galaxy by altering DNA via frequency manipulation.

The quarantine is in place to block more Draco & Grey ships from entering past the Earth’s containment line. Protected by our Galactic family, the quarantine line WILL remain in place until we Uplift as a collective to 5D.

All groups are working together, humanity’s Upliftment is a Galactic Event.

Thubans are in between realms making sure ALL souls ascend without interference from the soul recycling system of false light.

Any loved ones passing over are being guided through the Upliftment by the Thuban White Dragons. They are us in the future in the 12th Dimension.

I’m so excited to share more of the information! Should be posting the 1st message from this transmission on the channel within the next day or 2.


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