Mind blowing take on Alternative Realities


“Your life takes you in various phases, out of which you have to make decisions, choices, and take different paths. In fact, there is not really one life path, one destiny but the options that exist for each one are abundant. While you are living a life experience, many other timelines exist with different choices, events, people and even beliefs; these are called alternative realities.


Alternative realities

Before reincarnation you were able to view, and even add certain paths in your life that will lead you to specific lessons, people, or altering life events. When you face those choices or paths while in a physical body, all of them turn out to be valuable in one way or the other. They can give you valuable insight, contacts or lessons that would help you as you explore that physical life and be helpful for your spiritual growth and expansion.

There are other paths however, that turn out to be completely life changing, by changing the direction of your entire life. An alternative reality example is marriage. In marriage you choose to commit to one person by which you start a family and commit to a certain pattern and life choices. However there is not only one person available for you, and not only one path for your life. You only choose to follow one of the many. Another example is with professions, or allocating to a different country. All those are life changing events that will define how your life will unfold.


What is an alternative reality

When you decide to take one path, that doesn’t mean that others don’t exist. If you have contemplated upon them, if there was a possibility in you attaining or following them, then they do exist. Alternative realities are many life changing paths unfolding simultaneously, giving you the choice to experience them . All of them exist in different timelines, and all of those were pre-given for you before reincarnation.

Alternative realities exist also because of other people’s choices and paths. A person who decides to end their physical life for instance, will have impact to the life of their loved ones regardless if that was their decision or not. Similarly, changing country of residence will also impact the children of a family that will then have different influences, different friends and even education.


Alternative reality and spirituality


An alternative reality, even though it exists in spirit as a choice, it does not contain your soul essence. Fragments of your soul are not send to that reality because you didn’t take that path. While in spirit (or even in deep meditation while visiting the Akashic records) you are able to view the result of a certain path, but it does not have an effect to your current physical life experience. You didn’t in other words send fragments of your soul there, so the lessons and choices and even hardships of that alternative reality, does not affect you not in your current path, nor does it affect you while you return to spirit.

Once you return in spirit, you can still choose to experience, to live a certain life path (or alternative reality) if it will give you valuable soul growth. A soul then can decide to return to the turning point when that life choice was made, and undertake that different path and experience. When that happens, the soul sends fragments of its soul in both realities, so those both those realities are activated and exist simultaneously for that soul.

In short, a soul can benefit from all the paths it has undertaken and experienced, and not the ones that only exist as a choice. Alternative realities exist, but have an effect to your soul if actively engaged with them. To help you understand this clearly, all alternative realities exist in different timelines, and so the version of you living in that reality is you, functions like you, is you. The only difference is, the choices and events and lessons from that lifetime as well as any fears, blockages or even skills acquired in that alternative reality won’t be carried out to you in your DNA because they were not actively chosen.

There are many alternative realities that exist and all are interwoven one on top of the other in timelines, but they are active only if a soul decides to undertake them as their own journey.


Alternative realities of others


A version of you might exist in another ‘active’ reality that you did not choose to undertake. That is because another soul has chosen to undertake that life choice or path, and thus returned to the turning point of that choice once again. In this case, the choices and actions and events of that reality do not affect you in this one or in spirit because your soul fragment does not actively engage with it.

How many times did you see a person and they seem familiar, or you feel like you know them but you cannot explain how or where. That is usually because of another active reality (yours or another person’s) that you undertake together. In other words your soul fragments recognize each other.


Souls and alternative realities


While in spirit, all souls are very familiar of all the alternative realities, and all the people they met when in it, even if they did not actively engage with that path. Souls always choose to show up in the path of another to help them with their lessons, or to offer assistance when in need. Your soul will recognize for example a soul that you were married to in another alternative reality. They will carry a strong bond because their souls have agreed to be paired in one way or the other, regardless who engaged with that reality or not.


How alternative realities appear

Moreover, there are many more alternative realities that exist that may not be presented as options in the current life because of your beliefs, choices and desires. A person who creates a money blockage for example won’t be able to attract the timeline that he’s prosperous.

Another fun example is with the lottery. Because you have decided to play the lottery, then an alternative reality of you winning does exist. This is the reason why many times you know what it will feel like if something happened (for example being rich) even if the emotions of it were not really in your previous life experience.


Alternative realities and angels


Many times spirit guides or guardian angels give you signs, messages or bring you strong intuition to help guide you to one decision that will impact which timeline you walk into. For this, pay attention to your intuition, to your inner knowing. Notice the signs and messages. Finally, set the intention for the final outcome you wish to experience, so that your intuition and angels can help guide you to the right reality/path.

If you are ever in a crossword, wondering which path to take, pause and tune into your higher self. Meditate with the intention of accessing the various pathways to get a sense of which path is more suitable for you at that time. Everyone has access to the Akashic records but you have to train your mind to quiet thought to engage with other timelines. (The angels guide us in a masterclass on accessing the akashic records in The original Lightworkers membership).


Dreams, and alternative reality

Many of your dreams might also take you on an alternative reality while in dream state. That is because your soul travels while in sleep and there many timelines that it can jump into. That is how deja-vu is so closely related. It is when two soul fragments are active at the same time in one experience.

In those “dreams” or alternative reality traveling, you are able to experience emotions, and recognize people, even if you have never in fact met them.

Can’t you recall a moment in your dream state that you felt like you were home, but in an unfamiliar space? Or you were looking over your children, only you couldn’t recognize their faces.”


Alternative realities are a way to help us explore more paths and experiences, and give us the free will to make our own decisions. That is why one destiny does not really exist for us, we are our own creators and we can choose from an abundant set of scenarios, paths and journeys. The possibilities are truly endless.


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The post Mind blowing take on Alternative Realities appeared first on Amelia.

The post Mind blowing take on Alternative Realities appeared first on Amelia.

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