Moon Dreamer’s Wisdom

Weekly Energy And Affirmation Reading: Moon Dreamer’s Wisdom


  • It is safe and comfortable for me to move on. I consider all my options and then take action on my own behalf. Sandra Anne Taylor


  • Divine Intelligence, please release all the pressure and stress from my heart and nervous system, and fill me up with you healing, revitalizing Green light. Inna Segal

This is the Moon Dreamer’s wisdom;

The moon harnesses the magic and wonder, reflecting and inspiring us all; to find the mystical marvels, but keep your eyes on the ball. 

Profound transformation comes out of mastering discernment. With discrimination and intelligence, listen deep, discern truths and integrate the knowledge for the greater benefit. Feel deep to set yourself free. 

Fear does not have a hold of you no more. Allow your self to release the chains of the repetitive past. Let go of the old habits. Their familiarities are compelling forces only when you ignore your intuition and dishonour your genuine feelings. So honestly investigate this present moment, do not deceive yourself. be aware that you always have an option.

Although the storms are changing, grandmother reminds us of the storm birthed mystery gifts that come out of the darkness. 

Walk with the green rays revitalizing your heart and nerves. Absorb the vitality that surrounds you in the etherial plane.

And in the name of pleasure, power and passion, Damiana comes this week to assist you in finding love in yourself. Give yourself permission to indulge with sensual bliss.

This is the Moon Dreamer’s wisdom

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