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When you travel to a conference like Contact in the Desert you get to meet a lot of like minded people or at least open minded people. Do not get me wrong I Like the talks that are given People like Emery smith are quite personable. James Tyberonn the same thing and he is the founder of Earth keepers which holds a conference in Arkansas and sometime Denver  every November where I have met people like Graham Hancock.

These bigger than life people are not the key though to a good conference for it is the relationship that you build that are most important. The people you make a heart connection to even if only for that moment in time is still important to spreading your light your love.

The best thing is to have that vibe anytime you go out to make those connections all of the time.  With everyone right? That is the ideal situation but we can still stretch ourselves a little bit  in that direction. Striving to be more open with people and talk about the stuff that interest you just in case it might interest them.

I had a neighbor who recently passed but what I admired best about her was she was open minded even though heavily steeped in the dominant paradigm but I could be open with her and speak what was on my mind as you would with a true friend which I considered her to be. so I will end this with rest in peace Margie low you will be missed.

About the author: Phil Christophers
I am a Tuesday child full of grace. I am a Reiki master of the third degree, I am a gridworker, I am a musician of several instruments, I blog and I channel Light language and entities. I am also loving kind and generous in words and acts. I am. a chaos magician, once upon time I would have been burned as a witch. Yet I am connected to source as all of you are too. Guess I better state I live in the pacific north weet because I think I got the wrong UTC time