NOW is the Time! The Arcturians


Now is the time
And this is the here
To remember our glory
And to release all our fear
What shall we send 
Into this Night
The reason for Love  
Or the reason for fright?
How do we share 
And how do we know
The reason to live 
Inside of the FLOW?
We must ask our heart
How to live in the Flow
Of what have we have lost and 
and what we now know
What do we know 
Inside of our Heart?
What brings us closer 
Or more further apart?
What is the reason?
What is the rhyme?
What have we lost?
What must we find?
Must we look up
Or deeper inside
To find all our glory
And remember our pride
We may ask our self
If it’s something we want
What do we need and 
What will we win?
We may just discover
It’s already within. 
We may have within
Just what we need now
There’s something we want
Or a way to learn how
Can we, instead,
Just learn to love NOW
To stay above all the worries
And live within LOVE
From our deepest inside
And from far above
Within this glory
And free from our pride
We remember the reason
We look deep inside
There’s something we work for
That fills us with light
And, how could we win
The gift of this pride?
What must we do
And what must we hide?
Either way, we have to say
We are the leader of our day
We are the ones who choose our life
We are the ones who release our strive
WE are the leaders of our life
If we give away
and try to say
I cannot lead
I won’t succeed
Then that is the day
we loose our way
Instead, we need 
To call our SELF
And put excuses 
on the shelf
This is OUR life
filled with love and strife
It is our choice
It is our voice
What do you say
Within each day?
What do we take 
Or give away
For when we give
to one another
We are their sister
We are their brother
We are the makers
of our life
And we have chosen 
LOVE over strife
But can it be 
So clear to see
What is you and 
What is me?
Are we really
That much different
In our daily life?
Or, our pride and strife? 
For what we share
Goes every where
As deep inside
we cannot hide
For who we are
we chose to be
When we look in the mirror
We’re what we see
Looking into
That mirror NOW?
Is that the beginning
of learning how
To find our way 
To a brand new day
And tell our selves
“I KNOW the WAY!”
I feel the way from far above
I know that it is filled with LOVE
For LOVE will shine
a light of glory
So we can find 
Our OWN “true story”
The story of how
We came to be
The person we know
We want to see?
Can we see this person 
in our life
Amongst the glory
and within our strife?
Can we remember
each night and day
WE ARE the receiver
WE ARE the sender
And we are the
ONE we see inside
Above our worry
and within our pride
How do we choose 
to lead our way
Into the GLORY
of our OWN, best day
The way that shines
within our heart
The way that tells us
“It’s time to START!”
Time to start
 and time to say:
When we know that we
Create our live
We release the worry
and dim the strife
Instead, we can BE
who we wish to SEE
And KNOW we are ONE
with all we have done
We are the sender
We are the lender
Who lives deep inside
with no place to hide
Instead, we live within the Light
Above our worry and free of fright
We are protected from high above
We are assisted by SELF LOVE
When we love our self
We can remember
We ARE the receiver
We are the sender 
In fact, we get back what we give
As that is how we chose to live.
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