Nurturing Through Vulnerability

Weekly Energy and Affirmation Reading:
Nurturing Through Vulnerability
  • ‘I now break any contract I have ever made with another, consciously or unconsciously, that has given them power over me, power over my sense of self, the authority to approve or reject me or anything about me, including my voice, body, creativity, spirituality and way of living. Of my own free will, I now choose to directly perceive my own inner beauty and turn within with kindness and compassion to see myself through the eyes of unconditional love. So Be It’ Alana Fairchild
  • ‘Spirals of creation, spirals of light, you bring my manifestations to life! I trust in your wisdom and in your grace, help me be wise and keep the faith’ Alana Fairchild
  • ‘Through unconditional love, I now accept the spiritual gifts that are bestowed upon me, with complete trust and gratitude. So be it’ Alana Fairchild
  • “Divine Spirit, please use the Plum ray to guide me through any challenges I may experience with ease, grace, and softness.”
Here lies the new seeds to be nurtured. They lie in wake, vulnerable but yet unbroken. To be vulnerable know that you can still nurture; The crab teaches this and so does the mother and her babe. Make the best of vulnerable situations. Accept the heaven sent gift of trust through this emotional ocean of chaos
Allow the plum rays to assist you in overcoming the challenges that lie in wake, vulnerable but yet unbroken. It is easy to get lost within the spirals of manifestation. But grab hold of your truth, through your intuition; to help find that true reflection of your heart’s intent and your soul’s sweet song.
Love, creation, and the unconditional moves in no linear sense of time. So be open to the process that lies forward and lies within. With some trust and wisdom, everyone and everything will synch in harmony.
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