Our Higher Dimensional SELF

December 30, 2020

Our Higher Dimensional SELF 


Dear Readers, 

Sue Lie here.  I wish to send you ALL a Happy and Save Holiday Season. Yes, this year, is indeed a Holiday Season that may not have the usual joy and comradely. Fortunately, many of us are able to meet via the Internet, so that we can see each others faces and “pretend” that things were like they “used to be.”

Unfortunately, that are NOT like they used to be. Instead, we are facing huge challenges that we never thought would ever enter into our daily life. However, entering our daily life is exactly what happened. We are all facing challenges now that would not be in our wildest imagination, not so very long ago.

Fortunately, we are often able to find a way to regain some “normalcy” in our daily life. Many of us are meeting with our family via the internet on Zoom or on one of the other softwares that are available. 

Yes, we are being the CREATORS of our new life. One thing that allows us to move through these difficult times is to have some kind of connection, likely via our computers and or phones, so that we want can keep connections with our friends and family, who are hopefully safe from the “unseen virus” that has brought great sorry to too many. 

Now is the time to reach up into our own Higher Dimensional SELF who can, will, and does connect with us via our calling in our own Higher dimensional SELF. Our Higher Dimensional Self is usually unseen by our third dimensional self. However, when we meditate on connecting with our own Higher Dimensional SELF, we can awaken to the NOW of the ONE of our Higher SELF.

We ALL have a Higher Dimensional SELF, but we may not be aware of that fact. Therefore, we may not remember to call UP into our own Higher States of Consciousness. We can best experience these components of our full Multidimensional SELF by allowing ourselves to remember the “feeling” of love and protections that we have felt in the past, and hopefully, within this NOW. 

Yes, some of you may not have felt much protection in you life, so we will tell  you that we, the members of Your Galactic Family are components of Your own Multidimensional SELF. Once you are ready to believe, or at least hope, that we have a higher dimensional aspect of our physical body, and our thoughts and emotions.

Many people are to yet ready to believe that there are Higher Dimensional Beings who resonate to the higher frequencies of reality. However, if they are willing to trust their dreams, their imaginations, their hopes, and their own innate knowing that there is MORE to reality than just the third dimensional aspect of their daily life.

Knowing that one has this connection is not just a hope. This Knowing that, which some may call their “imagination” is actually a inner connection with a “feeling” or a “memory” or maybe a “dream or a desire” that reminds you that there is more to yourself than just being a third dimensional person who is struggling through a very difficult time for many, many people.

It is the knowing of your own feelings of this difficult time, and your own reaching out to others to comfort them in their difficult time, that allows you to find the peace and love that can flow from the companionships and sharing with others who are also experiencing this difficult time with you.

Knowing that you are NOT alone is so very important within this NOW. Reach out to others to either give comfort to them, or to ask for comfort for your self, is the beginning of your own assisting others, and your own self, to give comfort and understanding to others. 

Please  click the below file to enjoy the meeting of

Sue, Dan, and the Glass Bowels



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