Our Souls are Eternal, these Bodies Aren’t

Soul On Soul

What does that mean? 

Our souls are all connected. Everything is one collective energy manifesting as a tree, a bird, a human. These projections of concentrated energy are called life. When you interact with another being your souls collide and like an amoeba in motion the whole earth is affected. 

Soul On Soul. 


My soul lives in the body of a black woman….but I was raised by rural white Americans. They took me in and, at 10 years old, changed my name from ‘Washanna’ to something less ethnic. I was sheltered and taught to avoid acting too ‘black’. In retrospect maybe they were trying to protect me.

But as I grew into adulthood they couldn’t shield me from the realities of systemic racism. Throughout my early 20’s I saw and experienced many forms of racism including police brutality and legal injustice. Those experiences left me with crippling PTSD and health problems, which eventually led to my spiritual awakening.  So the protests here in America are personal for me. I’m connecting with Source now more than ever to maintain peace.


2020 has been a rough year for many of us. From fires in Australia and the Amazon, to earthquakes across the world, threats of WW3, Covid-19, riots etc one thing is clear: Mother Earth, the collective organism we’re part of, is in the middle of a painful metamorphosis. Unity and empathy for ALL LIFE are necessary to ensure these changes push us forward and not back. Now, more than ever, we must come together for the good of the whole. 

For those who are suffering, know that the earth is here to support you. Turn off your technology and begin to build relationships with nature. Cry if you need to. Take off your shoes and sit in the sun. Meditate. Breathe. Commune with your collective soul and let it feed you. For our fellow light workers, you are an integral part of the healing process and we are grateful for you.Remember to be a voice for all life forms. Remember to care for your emotional and spiritual health as well..


Here at SoulOnSoul we are committed to global progress….but as the new Owner/Creative Director I feel we can do more. So over the coming weeks we will be updating our website, reopening our store with improved inventory and rolling out new video and podcast content. The purpose of these changes is to provide more support for our community and the world at large. 

We want to be a powerful and positive source of light. And we want you with us!


Love and Light,


Owner/Creative Director of SoulOnSoul

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