People Make These 10 Law Of Attraction Mistakes Most Of The Time

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by Conscious Reminder

We have all probably heard that the Law of Attraction has the ability to help us attract all our wishes and desires in our lives.

However, how many people who utilize it on a daily basis still cannot manifest the lives they always dreamed of? Well, one simple answer would be that they were making one or even more of these eight mistakes:

They are continually changing their mind.

One moment these people dream of BWM, and the other one, they dream of Cadillac. This is only going to confuse our Universe and weaken their capacity to manifest their desires.

How to fix it: People should know what they really want, before they start manifesting anything. They can write a list of their desires, and when they go through that list, they should select just the deepest desires of their hearts. Once they know what they really want, they should not change it until there is a necessity of a change.

They are resisting their present-day reality.

They cannot accept what happens to them at the moment. They are quite impatient, and they want instant satisfaction. They also feel bad as they don’t have what they really want right now.

How to fix it: They should appreciate what they have at the moment. Although they have to dream big or do their manifesting rituals, they have to be patient, without feeling desperate about attaining what they want. Everything will happen when it is supposed to happen.

They do everything in the opposite order.

In order to attract their desires, they have to feel and think good. However, many of these people usually wait for something good to happen right before they feel and think positive; therefore, they attract more negative emotions and thoughts.

How to fix it: First of all, they have to remember to feel and think good right now. Every time when they think of something negative, they should consciously and instantly stop their thought train, and think of blessings in their lives they are really grateful for.

They do every affirmation wrong.

Many overweight people believe in the Law of Attraction; however, they cannot get lean as they say the following affirmations continually: “I’m not fat,” “I will be sexy,” “I eat healthy foods.”

How to fix it: In order to work, affirmations have to be positive, and stated in the present tense. They also have to be brief and feel right. Instead of “I will be sexy,” they should say “I choose to be sexy.” It is a positive affirmation, in the present tense, it is brief, and it does not go against some limiting beliefs, as the person isn’t saying that he or she is sexy, but just “chooses” to be.

They blame other people or make excuses.

When something did not turn out as expected, or goes wrong, they will either think of different excuses, such as having a lot of responsibilities or no time, or not being fortunate enough, or they blame others and their surroundings.

How to fix it: They have to take full responsibilities for their lives. When they blame others or make some excuses, they give their powers away. However, when they claim that they are responsible for every single thing which happens to them, they show that they control their destiny and also that they can make everything they want to become a reality, regardless of what happens.

They do not take actions.

They simply hope and wish, but they don’t do what is necessary and what is going to propel them to their goals.

How to fix it: They need to take two types of action. First, they should act the part. In order to become millionaires, they have to do everything millionaires do. They need to move and behave just like the person they would like to be. Second, they should take inspired action. Here, they will listen to their “inner voice,” acting on the “lucky” events and synchronicities which they attract into their lives.

Their desires aren’t congruent with the values they have.

They will not get lean when they value the buffet eating’s pleasure. They will not get rich when they value spending most of their time with their happy-go-lucky friends.

How to fix it: They should write down their most significant values, and compare them with their desires and goals, in order to see whether there are conflicts between them or not. If conflicts exist, they have to realize that it will be harder for them to manifest their desires, so they should change them into a thing congruent with their values.

They do not do it frequently enough.

They say or visualize their affirmations just when they “feel” or remember like doing them. They aren’t consistent with the manifesting rituals.

How to fix it: The key for all this is repetition. They need to imagine, say their affirmations, and do their other different manifesting rituals on a daily basis. The best time would be right after they wake up or before they go to bed.

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