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October 21, 2019
Synchronicity Number – 3
Synchronicity Emblem – Lantern

Towards the end of my video, I tried to think of a last thing to say but couldn’t think of anything.

Well! I do have something that I would like to say, and it is something I was supposed to discuss but forgot to finish it towards the beginning of the video. And that is the video quality is definitely going to increase. Also, that this work is taking up a lot of my time and hopefully I will find more efficient ways to do this. Well, I definitely will. Also, this cat keeps meowing to get in and then keeps meowing to get out because I won’t pet him.

The song I am listening to keeps singing, “Just let me innnn”

Can you catch what I don’t express?

I actually didn’t even realize this picture had a lantern in it before I set that emblem of synchronicity. I was thinking of that image where ET was in that basket in that bike with that full moon behind in the background…

And I just looked it up — there is no lantern lol

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