Physical Awakening Symptoms That Indicate You’re Shifting Into A Higher Vibration

Physical Awakening Symptoms Shift Higher Vibration


Physical Awakening Symptoms That Indicate You’re Shifting Into A Higher Vibration


Awakening can be a wonderful time. Sure, its tough, and it has some seriously difficult moments, but when you reach that heightened, unbroken connection to the Universe and its dreamy higher realms, its a welcome respite from the chaos and drama of a seemingly harsh physical world that we feel we don’t really fit in to. Its wonderful, and there really is nothing like it. Unfortunately, we can suddenly be plummeted down from those delightful heights by a good old dose of earthly reality in the form of physical awakening symptoms.

It can seem as though every time you make it to the next buoy to keep you afloat on the awakening pathway, you get washed downstream all over again when the next onslaught of physical symptoms hit. They seem to come out of nowhere, they hit you like a tonne of bricks, and they keep you weighed down until the energetic shift is complete (and often disappear as abruptly as they came).


Physical Spiritual Awakening Symptoms That Indicate You’re Shifting Into A Higher Vibration

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue or lack of energy
  • Feeling dizzy or light headed
  • Weakness in the body
  • Headaches
  • Body temperature extremes – very hot or very cold
  • Aching joints and muscles
  • Feeling disconnected from your body


Is It A Real Physical Health Concern Or A Spiritual Awakening Symptom?

The truth is, you can never really know for sure. That’s why its so important that you take full responsibility for your health by always ruling out any physical possibilities first. That means actively visiting your doctor and getting professional advice, rather than just assuming that its an awakening symptom and that the Universe will take care of your body for you – it wont. This is another big lesson that we must pass for the PHYSICAL side of awakening. You need to be a responsible and conscientious care taker of your human body.

That being said, there are some characteristics that indicate that it is energetic in nature. Lets take a look…


Key identifiers Of Physical Spiritual Awakening Symptoms:

  • They come on suddenly, without warning.
  • They are intense and often fluctuate.
  • Nothing works to alleviate them.
  • They are rarely detected through medical tests or examinations.
  • They often disappear rapidly.

When they strike it is upsetting, exhausting and alarming… but there is good and bad to this experience.

The good news is that you are shifting higher vibration. That not only means that you are moving forward in your awakening, but that you are ascending to higher levels too. The bad news is, you’re probably going to feel pretty under the weather for a while until your body catches up. Its annoying and inconvenient and uncomfortable, but it will pass, and it ultimately means that you are progressing, and that’s great.


Why Do We Get These Symptoms?

There is a common misconception that awakening is purely a spiritual experience. Spiritual awakening is physical too.

Spiritual awakening is PHYSICAL too…

And for humans like us who generally find the spiritual side of life to come more naturally, we often neglect the physical. Its where we fall short most often. But if your soul is going to ascend to the 5D vibration, your body must do so too. Being here on Earth means that you have to raise the vibration of the physical body so that BOTH the physical and the ethereal parts of you reside in the same frequency. Without the physical half of you ascending too, you will remain incomplete, and the Universe wont allow that.

Instead, it will begin releasing the density within your body that is out of alignment with the 5D vibration. It starts to shed the energetic weight of everything that is holding you down, and we can sense the intensity of that. Much like a detox, we require additional rest as these changes take place, and the impact and pressure of it gives us physical symptoms, simply because its hard on our bodies, but you CAN support the process and ease the transition…


How To Support Your Body As It Ascends To 5D Vibration

Get plenty of rest, fluids and good wholesome food. Take a break from technological stimulants like your mobile phone, laptops and even TV. Practice some gentle self care by honoring the process and being kind to yourself until it passes, which it inevitably will.


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The ‘DNA Upgrade’ will:

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What Is It?

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