Polychrome Jasper Meanings and Metaphysical Attributes Explained

One of the recently discovered jasper varieties, Polychrome Jasper meanings are strength, vitality and support. The stone was found when miners were looking for ocean jasper strands in Madagascar. A unique stone with cleansing and rejuvenating capabilities, polychrome jasper works on your psyche and physical body. It is a powerful stone that takes time to get adjusted to.

If you have just touched the first polychrome jasper in your life, we suggest you lay down and take rest for the storm that is about to come. What’s the storm? Let’s find out everything about polychrome jasper so that you can reign the storm!

What Is Polychrome Jasper?

A picturesque stone with dynamic patterns, polychrome jasper is also called desert jasper and royal savannah jasper. Seen in colors of brown, red, yellow, white, red, black, rose, pink and the rarest in teal blue, jasper polychrome is a gorgeous stone that is easy to recognize from other varieties of jasper.

Discovered in 2006, polychrome crystal is a type of chalcedony scoring hardness of 7 on the MOHS scale with the chemical composition of silicon dioxide. It is the rarest jasper in the world, which also vibrates to the number 6.  

Wondering how was polychrome jasper formed?
Let me tell you …

When particulate particles become a solid mass after reaction with silica, polychrome jasper is made. The distinct pattern you see on the polychrome jasper owes it to the flow of lava or ash when it was formed.

Polychrome Jasper Meanings

One of the exceptional jasper with colorful patterns and powers; that’s how polychrome gemstone is often described among mineralogists. Polychrome jasper is the stone of inspiration. It beckons the powers of many goddesses and when you hold or work with the stone, I would like you to conjure the visualizations associated with any one or more of these goddesses.  

Jasper polychrome brings the powers of Bona Dea (Roman Goddess of Fertility), Callisto (Moon Goddess), Gaia Earth Goddess and Chirakan-Ixmucane (Mayan Goddess of Creation). Which is the goddess you connect most with? Call unto her!

Where Is Polychrome Jasper Found?

Unlike most gemstones polychrome variety of jasper is only found on the Northern coasts of Madagascar. It is in fact found in 3 locations, in close proximity to the others. The rarest variety of polychrome is the teal or blue polychrome jasper.

What Is Polychrome Jasper Chakra?

When you ask a crystal user about the chakra power of polychrome, they will pause. That’s because some people believe polychrome jasper can control all the chakras in the human body. I agree with its powers to align multiple chakras at once.

However, personally I believe polychrome ignites the power to your Root chakra located at the end of the spine. When your root chakra is awake, you feel grounded and balanced. It is the power source of your stability. Root chakra is also your tether to the Earth Goddess mother Gaia.

Solar Plexus Chakra is the next power center of polychrome variety of jasper. It is the root of your wellbeing and inner wellness. The solar plexus helps you find health and energy besides stamina. This is the chakra for your peace and relaxation too.

Which Is Polychrome Jasper Zodiac?

Leo is the official zodiac sign of the gemstone jasper polychrome. If you’re a Leo, you will feel in control and balance with this stone. Polychrome helps you find confidence and relaxation. It will let you lose yourself in meditation when you need it.

Your nature of being a workaholic will change as you discover more things about life. Vanity in decisions and thoughts will be replaced by depth and intelligence. You will find inspiration and motivation to do everything in life.

How to Clean Polychrome Jasper?

As most jasper are tested for low silicosis, it is always wise to keep water away from this gemstone. Once in a month, take a soft cloth and scrub the stone from all sides. You can also use a soft bristle brush to help you do the same.

How to Cleanse Polychrome Jasper?

To remove the bad energies sediment on the jasper variety of polychrome, you need to use a cleansing ritual. While full moon is excellent for cleansing crystals, you can also circle a clear quartz or selenite wand over your polychrome jasper to eject the bad energies off the stone.

What Is Polychrome Jasper Good for?

Now that you know everything about the special variety of jasper, it is time to determine the right uses for it. What are the advantages of using polychrome jasper? Can I use it for ground? Is it a good stone for sleep? What is the feng shui of polychrome jasper? We’ll find it all out below!

·      Digestion and Health of the Body

Suffering from indigestion or gut problems? While your medicines heal, you can use a polychrome jasper to accelerate the healing effects. Rub the stone over the affected area. You can also use this crystal for stamina if you carry it with you in the pocket. Another way to get energy if fatigue is a problem for you is by meditating with the stone right after waking up.  

·      Fire Energy Feng Shui

Want to attract the full power of jasper polychrome? You need to place it in the right feng shui direction. Polychrome jasper is a fire energy stone. It must be kept in the Southern direction to attract Name and Fame. The stone is a magnet for Reputation if you want personal success in your career or business.  

·      Stress and EMF Radiation

Protection is another little-known power of jasper in the polychrome variety. The magic of this jasper can deflect EMF radiation from your gadgets too. It is perfect for dispelling energy attacks from others who dislike, hate or despise you. Stress will not come towards you unless you have polychrome jasper with you. Carry it everywhere you go!  

·      Aura Cleansing and Protection

Do you feel your aura is pale? For brightening the aura, it is important to cleanse it every once a while or during major transitions. You can circle the polychrome jasper over your head or each of the chakras to cleanse your aura. Changes will be noticeable within a few minutes. It is perfect stone to take with you when you’re going to meet strangers or new people as well.

·      Creativity and Inspiration

Are you in a writing block? Perhaps another block has overtaken your creativity. Finding motivation and innovation by using polychrome jasper palm stone. Hold onto it and release your fears and doubts. The stone will find you answers on the routes you need to take in order to manifest your intentions. It will lead you to creative portals.


Aren’t polychrome jasper meanings stellar? What do you think about the stone? Tell us in the comments below!

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