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I have just joined up with Higher self website!  I have been creating videos for about 18 months now and feel they should be receiving more viewers!  The most successful one was “near death experiences” that received 2,500 views – I am amazed but also happy that at my age (elderly!) I have achieved some sort of success.  I think my main mission is writing and I have two books waiting to get published. Alas alack also waiting for finance! though I could put them onto amazon.

I only recently realised that I do have a great deal of life experience to offer combined with the myriad of spiritual journeys of about 40 years. So much travel, in fact in the beginning when I left my husband I saw an image of a huge desert in front of me – there were two camels – one white, one black either side. I knew that they were going to take me across the vast empty space. I could choose either one, good or bad – it didn’t matter as long as I got to the finishing line..  I now feel that I have crossed that particular one and now want to share my experiences.


blessings  Beth Summers – Sister of the Stars

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  • barbara summers April 7, 2021, 6:48 am

    hello again! just want to say that I have been through many days of intense pain due to pulled muscle in my groin/hip. I have really looked at this issue since it is also part of my ongoing CFS syndrome. I understood that all emotional/mental trauma from this lifetime and others, is stored in the muscles which then become either inflamed or weak. All the recent incoming downloads have found it difficult to penetrate the stored negative energy, so I spent some time in releasing this (mostly through healing sound on the internet) and other stuff – violet flame is invaluable in all of this – then there is space made for more light to do the healing – I have always believed that illness is generally a lack of light so a good clearing is necessary first plus of course a change in belief systems!

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