Properties and Meanings of Crystal Clusters

I’ve been
seeing crystal cluster tattoo
everywhere nowadays. Are you a fan of clusters too? They are magnificent right.
That’s why today we are going to talk all about crystal clusters in detail. Let’s
start right away!

What Is A Crystal Cluster?

A crystal cluster meaning is togetherness. It is a
collection of multiple crystals of the same or different minerals in one bunch.
Crystal clusters are powerful than
individual crystals. They are joined by mother nature in harmony.

When a crystal cluster breaks in your possession, it is said
to be a warning something bad will happen soon.

What Is The Meaning Of Crystal Clusters?

Crystal clusters are beautiful and gorgeous with multiple terminations of different sizes and shapes
on the same mother rock. When you hold a crystal cluster, you will the
nourishing warming energy of the crystal. It is a high vibration crystal and
you must use it with care.

How To Clean A Crystal Cluster?

If you bought a new crystal cluster, don’t just start using
it right away. You have to clean off all the bad energy on it. Crystal clusters
are just like other crystals. Since they were found to the time in transit to
your doorstep, there are a wide variety of energies it may have come in contact

You need to use a powerful crystal like clear quartz or selenite
to cleanse a crystal cluster. Unlike
individual crystals, a cluster is too powerful. So, I tend to leave the crystal
cluster with the clear quartz wand when I want to clean it.

Keeping your cluster of gemstone in a crystal geode is also
a fine idea for cleaning it in an hour. All you have to do is leave it in the geode
and let the crystals work the magic.

How To Use Your Crystal Clusters?

You can use your crystal cluster gemstones for a variety of
things. I’ve already shared they are powerful than individual stones. A cluster
has multiple termination and crystals of varied frequencies. Depending on what
you want, you can use clusters in different ways.

Let’s explore the top three.

Cleansing And Purification

The best use of a crystal cluster like clear quartz is cleansing with high power. Imagine you
were cleaning your spirit with a broom every day. Suddenly, there is the vacuum
cleaner given to you. That’s what a clear quartz cluster does.

Energy With Crystal Cluster

You can use a crystal cluster to activate or transmit the powerful energies for manifesting your
intentions. Crystal clusters are more powerful than their individual counterparts.
It will boost your energy too.

·      Raising Your Kundalini Energy

Kundalini reiki
can be completed using a crystal for your sacral chakra. Crystal
cluster light in leads you towards enlightenment. Crystal clusters of citrine
and carnelian are considered best for raising
your life force energy
to transform life.  


Crystal clusters are fantastic shapes of crystals. Find out
more about it in this

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