Purging & Transmutation Technique

Last night I teamed up with a friend to do a free group energy healing on Zoom. We make the events for those in the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GroupEnergyHealing/. It was a very powerful healing and very happy with how it went.

I woke up today and felt some purging coming. I was roller coastering a bit about a judgement I was holding onto and not knowing what to do with. Some ego started coming up again too. When I meditated I’d feel better but then it would come back up.

The way I decided to work through this today was to lean into it and to purge via exercise and some energy techniques. I’ve done this in the past where I use exercising to purge in conjunction with energy healing techniques.

First I created a vortex around me. You can use any colors you want for the vortex. I chose blue and white because those are my soul colors. I made sure to spin the vortex so that it was spinning downward. This way when I would release the negative energies they would go into the vortex and get sucked down into the ground below my feet. Then I created a box made out of the violet flame energy that the energy from the bottom of the vortex would push all the negative energy into. This was so the energy could be transmuted.

So with that setup I started on the treadmill. Today I just walked on an incline, 7 or 8 incline and tried to keep up with 4 miles per hour. It is important that if you do these techniques you challenge yourself a bit, make sure you are doing enough to start sweating a lot and make it a bit hard, so it helps release what is there. I don’t think it would work for me if I just did slow walking, but it might for you so feel free to try it.

I decided to turn on some power metal music and feel into the judgement and ego coming up. Had some imaginary places I went to and just sort of let things play out. I would consistently visualize and feel any negative energies being released from me and then going into the vortex. I used the negative energy as fuel for my workout too, like it was giving me a boost and I was using it up that way to get rid of it. Then I continue to do this process until I start to feel a lot better and it’s gone. Today that took about 45 minutes, there was some more ego dissolving and the judgement I had been holding onto for a while so it was a bigger one. Once I started to feel better on the treadmill, I switched from power metal to uplifting and very positive music. By the time I was off the treadmill I had purged and let go of what I needed to and felt much better, felt great.

It’s important to also remember that you have that box below you. Once the energy has been transmuted you can use it for whatever you wish. I took that energy that is now a high vibration and turned it into blue and white energy and brought it back into my fields. Generally when I transmute energy like that I put the intention that it transmutes into love, wisdom, compassion, knowledge, and whatever else I intuitively get in the moment. This is so that if I do decide to take it back in, I’m also bringing in the wisdom gained from the experiences of whatever I was purging. Alternatively when you initially create the box you could ask your guides or higher self to take that box away and use it afterwards or you could set the intention that the box opens up when it’s finished and gives the energy to the earth. You can do whatever you want with the energy, those are just a couple examples.

There was still a question I was figuring out for myself afterwards so I pulled an oracle card and it was the perfect card to help me close that out. It was a card that basically said be an observer, let go, and be free.

At this time there are certainly things that are coming to my attention that I can just be aware of and say “Oh I see what you are, ok thanks” and just let it go and move on. But there are still other energies like today that came up that I didn’t feel that would work. I really needed to feel and experience the energies and let them run out of me since they were being held within myself.

The example I give here can be applied to many different kinds of physical exercise. Whatever works best for you. If you already do physical exercise, then you can add some of these intentions and visualizations while you go about it and you can be doing healing work while you do your workout too. A nice multi task that is helpful for those that are very busy :).





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