Purify, Awaken and Regenerate

Energy and affirmation reading: Purify, Awaken and Regenerate
  • ‘I thrive in the new and unfamiliar, expanding the loving, expressive influence of my soul, for the highest good.’ Alana Fairchild
  • “I allow my mind and body to be cleansed inside and out.” Inna Segal
  • “I can now place myself in other people’s shoes and talk to them from a place of love and compassion” Inna Segal
  • Say, “Divine Light, heal purify, and regenerate.”
As we walk and purge in the new unfamiliar, emotional serenity overwhelms and meditation becomes required. In these emotional wells of healing, just before they are able to burn away, nurturing of your process will grant you stillness and true reflection of the mental muddle you find yourself in. Face them, grace them, greet them with open arms as that is the way;
Purify; ash away the ego of the past construction that are present.
Awaken; the understanding of infinite potentials that reside within.
Regenerate; new connections to work with your presence and future.
The ultimate potential for transformation is residing in the Druids triad catalyst: seeing much; studying much; suffering much. Deep within, you will recognize the need of maturity and patience. Allow the fire to purify from constructs, awaken support and regenerate connection for your highest good.
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