Reading the Records of Others

I have been reading the records of others for the last 11 years and happy to make appointments through my Circle Insights website listed below. 

One of the things that I ask anyone who is wanting their records read, is to make a list of questions they want to ask in their records. I am a guest in another person’s records and I channel the information from the Record Keepers, Guides and Master teachers. It is up to the person I am reading  to ask the questions in their records. 

So often when I open the records the person I am reading for will go blank because of the high vibrational field that is being channeled through the portal that we open to access the records. In those cases a list of questions help a great deal to get answers until the person I am reading for adjusts to the energy. Usually it doesn’t take long but nice to have a place to begin from when we start to get the ball rolling. 

And yes there have been a few times I have had to close the records down and reschedule because of the frequency and the person I was reading for went blank and didn’t know what to ask.

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