Red Agate Meanings, Powers and Properties

Do you know Moses used red eye agate to represent the spirit of god himself?  A popular crystal since 1000 B.C, red variety of agate has many promises and secrets inside it. Moon cleanse is especially powerful with red type of agate as it contains the Moon goddess’s love and energy. Red kind of Agate is seen in shades of red with or without white and red streaks. Red of agate can make you calm and protected. How? We are gonna learn all about red agate meanings in detail.

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What is Red Agate?

Popular as the Sulemani stone in India, red variety agate is an amulet crystal. Made of silicone dioxide chemically, red type of agate broadens your perspective. You feel like the owner of a new consciousness around agate in red. It is a stone that helps you recoup in life easily.

Red kind of agate gives emotional balance and divination to the user. It can help in finding healing and emotional wellbeing. Oftentimes, I hear about people communicating with angels and nether spirits with agate red too. It is one of the top five powerful crystals for me personally.

The fist red stone agate I received was a ring from my neighbor friend. We not only became better friends, it helped me understand puberty and my own body better. I think every teenager needs a red eye agate in their life!

Red Agate Meaning

Also called Red Eye Agate, the meaning of red kind of agate is opening up. It is a gemstone that helps you open your heart and welcome new energies into it. When you use or touch a red eye agate, your heart opens and mind welcomes new ideas without hesitance. The meaning of red eye agate is also light. While the name agate comes from the Sicily River Agate, red eye is eponymous with the look of this stone.

What Is the Chakra of Red Agate?

Root Chakra is the first power source of red agate. It is where your balance and stability comes from. When root chakra is in control, your whole life begins to fall into line. Red eye agate brings the power of root chakra located at the end of the spine. It removes pains and toxins by flushing them out into the earth. You also make an intimate connection with nature when you use a red eye type of agate.

Sacral Chakra is the second core chakra of this beautiful gemstone. Located in your pelvic region, sacral chakra is where your kundalini energy or the sex drive resides. It is also called the seat of your life force. When you connect and use the energies of red colored agate, you also awaken the life force within you.  

Who Should Wear Red Stone Agate?

Capricorn is the first and official birthstone of red eye agate. It brings you optimism and focus in life. The perfect health stone for Capricornians suffering from joint pain, muscle pain and cramps, red eye type of agate works on you like magic elixir. All you need to do is make a crystal patch out of it and your pain will be alleviated.

Another zodiac sign that must take the benefits of red kind of agate is Scorpio. Your hot tempered aggression will go down and you will find peace. Scorpio born people will find this agate stone to be freeing. If you were possessive, it’s going to change with bonding with the red colored agate gem. Your stubborn and close-minded nature will change.

Libra also finds many powers with red type agate. It will make you more decisive and confident in your actions. With self belief the red type of agate brings release from fears and phobias too. You will become a warm person who is sensitive about yourself and others. It will help you maintain diplomacy at times of anger.  

Where Is Red Color Agate found?

The chief place where you can find red eye agate is in the United States. It is found in these states such as Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

How to Cleanse Red Agate?

When you have an agate, you should be careful about rinsing it with water. That’s because agate is mildly toxic with mellow silicosis. Don’t make elixir by dipping the stone in the water. Instead, keep it atop a coaster kept on top of a glass of water. Easy, right?

Scrub with a soft cloth once in a month to keep it beautiful!

You should circle the stone thrice with a purifying wand like clear quartz or selenite to cleanse it before and after every use.

5 Amazing Benefits of Red Agate Crystal

When you’re handling one of the world’s most powerful crystals, you should know how well it works. Perhaps you have a long-term, problem that can be resolved with red of agate. As it is a powerful stone, agate in red can open many chakras. Let’s find out the best five benefits of using red stone agate crystal now.  

·      Stress- Relief and Protection with Red Gemstone Agate

Do you know red gem agate has the ability to calm you down? It is a unique crystal that can dissipate the negative energies from your body and spirit, Red crystal agate also helps to cleanse the bad vibrations to make you feel better. It eradicates negativity and pessimism too.

IF you’re worried you’re under n energy attack, curse or evil eye, red eye agate can help you too. It will repel the attack to the sender when you’re under the protection of red agate.

·      Red Agate for Sleep and Relaxation

People never disclose how they love keeping red type agate under the pillow or the bed. The truth is, agate red just being in your bedroom can regulate melatonin and your sleep clock in the body. If you’re tense or nervous, red type agate can soothe your nerves and muscles. It connects with lower chakras to make you feel at ease by making you grounded.

You can enter deep sleep easily if you place a red agate under the bed.

·      Prosperity and Luck using Red Kind Agate

Red of agate has the secret of abundance within it. Whoever touches the stone, creates luck in his endeavors. Red variety of agate can help to attract success into your life. It will invite financial achievements and surprises too. You will feel you’re lucky more than ever with agate red by your side. Feeling easy to win and succeeding is the sign agate red is working for you!

·      Red Agate for Divination and Clairvision

One of a kind gemstone that is excellent to awaken divination and psychic abilities, red stone agate helps you see what you cannot see with the naked eyes. It is a supernatural stone that that helps you see the unseen and hear the unheard. You will connect with other realms with the use of red gemstone agate too. It protects you and wards off danger from your way.

Red style agate protects you by awakening your psychic gifts.

·      Red type Agate for Lucid Dreaming and Angelic Communication

Another etheric ability of red type agate is opening your mind. It enlightens you and connects you with the underground and the up above. Red healing agate can help you see vivid and vibrant dreams in deep sleep. When you use it in memory of passed away spirits, red agate can help you talk with angels.

7 Sacred Ways to use Red Agate Today

The stone of mysterious happiness and joy, red kind agate can be used in many ways. I have seen a variety of red agates in my life. That’s why I have found numerous ways to make use of it. Today, I will describe seven amazing ways to use red style agate in your life.  

·      Agate Red Meditation Stones

Natural Madagascar Red Agate Stones
Natural Madagascar Red Agate Stones; $50 USD

Holding this Madagascar red eye agate takes you to heaven. The nirvana stone, this red stone agate stone is ideal to communicate with your subconscious mind too. Bright, dynamic and unique, red stone agate relaxes your muscles and nerves. It helps you find peace and serenity to calm down. All you need to use red gem agate for meditation is to hold it in your palms. It will give you vivid and vibrant visualizations.

·      Crystal Ball Scrying with Red Eye Agate

Natural Red Agate Crystal BallNatural Red Agate Crystal Ball; $30 USD

A crystal ball made with agate red can invigorate your third eye chakra. It can help you achieve divination powers that make you see ahead into the future or of a past you know not of. Red crystal agate crystal ball can be used to find your heart’s true desire too. It is a stone to communicate with your subconscious mind. Crystal balls also speak fortunes. Watch out!

·      Red Palm Stone Agate 

Charming Natural Red Onyx Agate StonesCharming Natural Red Onyx Agate Palm Stones; $40 USD

When you’re worried or anxious, you can always use a red style agate to help you out. Red eye agate palm stones work like worry stones. They absorb all the negative thoughts that’s making you frustrated and replace it with positive thoughts. Red agates palm stone helps you awaken your root and sacral chakras. It helps you harness the life force energy of kundalini to stabilize your mind and body.

·      Agate Red Cleansing Geode

Natural Red Agate Heart Stone GEode
Natural Red Agate Heart Stone Geode; $79 USD

From serious stomach disorders to gut problems, red color agate can heal a lot of things because it is ultimately a cleansing stone. It can get rid of pain in the abdomen or stomach. Being a beauty stone, red superior agate can help in weight loss by affecting your solar plexus chakra. This geode is super-cleansing as you can see in its hypnotizing druzy sparkles.

·      Success Elephant Red Stone Agate

Natural Red Agate Elephant Figurine
Natural Red Agate Elephant Figurine; $60 USD

You can also find wins and luck with red colored agate. The best luck happens when you place this red kind agate elephant in an Eastern or Northern direction. Within a day, the energies will manifest and you will find unexpected wealth.  The elephant is a sign of progress and victory. It guides your way to success and happiness. Red hue agate elephant can attract good feng shui to the place it is kept.

·      Prosperity Red Gem Agate Tree of Life

Natural Red Agate Money Tree
Natural Red Agate Money Tree; $55 USD

Keeping this tree of life in the southeast direction of your living room or bedroom will bring abundance into your life. Besides wealth through lotteries and jackpots, you will find winning opportunities everywhere you go.

·      Red Gemstone Agate Consciousness Programming

Natural Polished Red Carnelian Agate
Natural Polished Red Carnelian Agate; $55 USD

Skull of red gem agate is a special object. It has a symmetry that echoes with our own subconscious, allowing you to commune with other spirits. All you need to do is stare directly into the eyes of the skull and meditate for directions from your spirit guide. Be prepared for angelic visits!

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